Unanswered Question: When will ‘doing nothing’ become a viable choice again?

The destructiveness of human hubris seems to be ramping up. Have we learned nothing from the whole Covid-19 reaction by ‘experts’?
I don’t think many have.

I could create a long, detailed, timeline of my own thoughts on the last 3 years but I’ll spare you. Here’s my Reader’s Digest condensed version:
I found the 2020 expansion of the two week “slow the curve” shutdown experiment disturbingly authoritarian.
I had a sound basic understanding of viruses and our immune systems from high school biology.
I researched what was being called “disinformation” and found it credible.
I refused the experimental “vaccine” and chose to not comply with masking, 6-foot distancing, and excessive hand washing, as much as possible.
Never got Covid, and since, haven’t gotten sick with any other virus.
(All while ignoring nasty labeling, condescending treatment, and discriminating vilification.)

This morning, a grocery clerk was complaining about how she and her husband have been almost constantly sick this year. The customer ahead of me claimed she’s a nurse practitioner and said she’s never seen so much illness. I chimed in, “It’s because of the shutdown, you know. ” That nurse answered, “I have no doubt about that either.”
(If that clerk has had the “vaccine” and boosters, there’s also a growing ‘scientific’ suspicion that the “vaccine” itself may be interfering with the ordinary efficiency of immune systems too.)
Doing ‘nothing’ ended up being the best choice for me. Trusting Nature, and not interfering with it, often is our best bet.

After the Valdez Oil Spill, many years ago, scientists rushed in with fancy manmade ‘cleansers’ hoping to expedite the natural healing of the environment. A year later, under a too often seen headline “Scientists Baffled”, it had been discovered that areas “left alone” recovered more quickly than those they had ‘helped’. News flash: Nature knows best.

My last point comes from a post I read and responded to this morning. Our ‘stream of consciousness’ prompt was “wild animals” for today. Within the post, the writer had marveled how she had watched some wild seals scuffle, make a lot of noise, and flamboyantly assault each other, only to calmly end up sleeping beside each other. The writer went on to suggest “humans should learn how to get-along that way.”
I’ll just post my succinct comment on her post:
“A comical view of Nature. Thanks for sharing!
On the topic of ‘mixing it up’, resolving differences, and then slumbering like a seal, I agree!
IMHO…the current human over-sensitivity to “bullying”, has created unnatural interference by adults in ‘natural’ skirmishes among children. The ubiquitous claiming of ‘zero tolerance’ for” name-calling”, “shoving” or even “emotionally charged disagreement” has contributed to the uptick in unhinged viciousness among adolescents. By not allowing youngsters to learn how to resolve conflict on their own while small, they are becoming dangerous ‘powder kegs’ later on.”

I really want to know, “When will ‘doing nothing’ become a viable choice again?”
Human beings think they “know” so much that IMHO their arrogance of presuming they can direct, interfere with, and “save”, the natural world, is alarmingly dangerous to our survival.

7 thoughts on “Unanswered Question: When will ‘doing nothing’ become a viable choice again?

  1. 100% agree with you on Covid-19. What we did to control it caused more damage than the virus ever would have. People were forced to stay inside when being out in the fresh air and sunshine would have been beneficial; were told that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were ineffective and the doctors who prescribed them were dangerous quacks; were lied to about the number of people who suffered from the disease and the number of people who died from it; were required to be injected with several experimental vaccines and boosters under threat of losing their jobs or being denied required services; were forced to wear face masks which offered absolutely no protection against the virus, to distance ourselves from loved ones, and prevented from visiting loved ones who were in the last stages of life…. I could go on and on an on. And we’re now learning that our tax dollars were used to develop the virus….

    1. My husband has COPD and from the start, he and I refused to tell our kids and grandchildren not to visit us. His words exactly, “There are things far worse than illness and death. We won’t live that way.”

      1. I said the same thing. I could tell what this was. To quote Mencken, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  2. Many good points. Your use of bullying is interesting. One of our ministerial politicians here in the U.K. is being “investigated” for bullying after accusations from many of his staff. The detail? He insisted that any proposals from them should be on a single page or less, that they should use a common format!!!! And the daftest one “ he aggressively threw a tomato into the trash can”. This is now the level of opposition politics in U.K. So, any chance of a permanent visa to USA?

    1. You could simply get to our southern border and step ‘aboard’. You’ll be given deluxe accommodations at the expense of our working class too.
      But I must warn you, the saying “You can run but you can’t hide.” applies.
      There’s the same hypnosis in the U.S.
      The globalist marxists have done well in our educational system and media. They’ve created an environment of desperation (much of it a fairy tale) and within our population the “educated” and youth now yearn for protection from something we would call “life”.
      The delusional and frail are proving to be effective tools, adding to unrest, as the ‘hypnotists’ impose bigger government. Elite power and complete control is the goal.

      1. This will all end badly! THIS is what St. Greta should be concerned about, if only she wasn’t part of it!

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