Six Sentence Story – High on Life


They called her Exuberant Ellen.

“Wow! Cool!” was her ‘go to’ refrain.

She was equally zesty in sunshine as she was when she danced in the rain.

Fascination was her daily mindset.

Science always ‘blew her away’!

Using drugs just never occurred to her as she remains “high” on life to this day.

30 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story – High on Life

    1. I noticed that “nerds” don’t have as big of a tendency to use recreational drugs. At least, in my day they didn’t. Seemed to me that they got enough enjoyment from intellectual pursuits to avoid that ill. ❤

    1. I changed my WordPress password and Inlinkx started a game of tag signing back in. I didn’t have time to ‘play’. LOL
      Yes. I’d be pleased if you made that connection this time. Thanks. 😁

  1. The comments between you and John Holton, how did we survive? I was even allowed to go to the store by myself!

    Nice story, people who see the fascination of life itself don’t have to numb themselves to it.

  2. Such a positive outlook on life.

    (If nothing else. as reminder to the more… jaded? of Readers that such a perspective need not be the exception, rather than the rule.)

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