Unanswered Question: Can’t we all admit that we’re silly?

I’ve had an ‘aftertaste’ that my recent posts were too repetitively ‘salty’. We all know too much of anything isn’t good for anyone. So, I decided to poke fun at myself and anyone else who may want to identify.

Gosh… there’s so much material.
My current most frequent ‘silly’ behavior is attempting to exit my car before I release the seatbelt. The gathering of my pocketbook, phone, and car keys, keeps jumping ahead of the basics. Every time I get that tug of “wait a minute pal” I start giggling. Then I spastically twist around trying not to put my ‘load’ down while gaining my freedom. In my head, that scene is hilarious.
Something I also do and immediately think, “DUH!” is stop at a railroad crossing with a single track, watch a train pass left to right, then proceed when the gates lift and look both ways before crossing. Um… a train could absolutely not be traveling right to left at that moment, silly.
How often we operate on what I call “autopilot” is something I find simultaneously frightening and comforting.
On occasion, I’ll drive a few miles (while in thought) and realize I have no visible memory of that part of my journey! My first instinct is to pull my truck over and slap myself. (I’ve yet to act on that one. lol) But not being fully aware of one’s surroundings is NOT a safe way to drive. It’s a “wake up” call when that happens.
Before you beautiful souls take up a collection for my incessant ‘thinking’ and do an intervention with “Overthinkers Anonymous”, I want you to know that my days hold a large amount of giggling precisely because of my affliction. It’s not all about “What ifs?”, it often times is “Look at that!” and takes on a humorous flavor actually more often than not. {I am a ‘silly frog’ don’t cha know.}

My granddaughter felt ill the other day and as she rushed to the bathroom to vomit, let’s say she ‘didn’t make it’. Knowing that ‘being sick’ is bad enough but being ill all over the back door is worse, I asked her what she’d had for lunch.
“Only a few blueberries and raspberries.” she gasped.
My answer was, “Wow! That’s what made this so colorful!”
Then we laughed together.

Yesterday, my mom sent me a photo of a quiche she had made labeled “Quiche Lorraine”. I responded with, “How were you able to tell it was a girl?”

You see? I’m able to annoy people with all kinds of questions and they don’t need to be the serious kind either.

Today, I would like to ask, “Can’t we all admit we’re silly?”
Incidentally, I don’t mind being ‘laughed at’. No one could do that more than I tend to do it to myself!

God bless.

19 thoughts on “Unanswered Question: Can’t we all admit that we’re silly?

  1. Love this post, Susan!
    We’re all silly sometimes, and I for one am glad that I am!
    The world would be so boring if we were serious all the time! 😘😘😘

  2. I think we’re all silly sometimes. I laugh at my clumsiness and absent mindedness often. And I believe that it’s good to laugh at oneself. The quiche part made me giggle. On that note, I used to go to restaurants and order quiches pronouncing them wrong. I only realised it’s pronounced keish when a waiter corrected me lol

  3. rajkkhoja

    I think we are all silly sometime. I laugh at own live future life how it’s?
    Very nice you share its topic.

  4. I a ‘in solidarity’ member of the OA (Overthinkers Anon) group member, IF only by virtue of being ‘referred to it” by those in my circle – but yeah,mostly? I laugh myself silly at myself – so I’ll share my latest (thinking, on auto-pilot, thinking – ARGGH!!!! HOWL!!!! Okay – survived, now, isn’t that funny?? LOL – QUICK! Send a txt to loved ones so they get to laugh too!) moment, recently – –

    Some time ago, I woke up with lots of sleep in my eyes, and didn’t feel like doing anything but burrowing back under the blankies and go back to sleep (instead of ‘working’ on YE Olde ToDo List that is longer than one can measure with a household ruler/measuring tape…)

    Stumble to the kitchen after ‘checking in with myself” – some congestion in sinuses – no sore throat – a little bit of scratchy – UH-OH! Caught ‘something!” So into the french press for coffee, I start dumping in a ‘pinch of this, pinch of that” – tummy feels a bit out of whack – to – so – –
    Black peppercorns, some cut/sifted ginger, lil pinch of ‘catch you on fire’ cayenne pepper, a bigger pinch of thyme, and wait for the water to boil – – wander over to the desk to wait for hot water, to fix morning brew, and work through overnight incoming emails – –

    Which is blurry – so I rub the bit of sleep I hadn’t removed, from my vision and ……

    OW, (curse, curse, stumble, nearly trip and break a hip, as I hurry to nearest cool water tap faucet to rinse the cayenne pepper from my eye transferred by the ‘finger that did the ‘pinch of this, pinch of that – – ”

    30 seconds later? I’m fine – I’m not blind, pain gone, but then? OA – -comes BEFORE laughing, “Self? What in the world was I thinking about so hard I forgot to wash my hands after doing a pinch of cayenne?? HOW on earth could you have FORGOTTEN that AND also, Note to self – ensure all sleep is removed from eyelids, eyelashes, etc., BEFORE ever you stumble to the kitchen, to whip up your mornin’ brew – just to be safe – be on THAT auto-pilot, instead will ya?”

    2 weeks in – I have to remind myself to change my morning routines – but, hey! So many ‘experts say” it takes 30 days to build a new auto-pilot (Ahem! habit) so I ain’t worried about success, just yet – – LOL

    But,um, yeah – right there with ya!

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