Unanswered Question: Is the current definition of “kindness” actually “kind”?

When I’m online in social media sites, I’m constantly reminded to just be “kind”.

It’s occurred to me that many people currently have an oversimplified idea of “What is kind?”.

I could be mistaken but there seems to me an idea that not “making waves” is the epitome of “kindness”.
[Other than being the epitome of Marxism, I don’t think so. Marxists don’t like people who ‘think’.]

I consider myself overtly kind. I’m thoughtful, helpful, generous, and reassuring, as often as I am able.
So, I’m wondering why someone might declare my objections to policies and positions as “unkind”. They could argue that they’re flawed but calling someone ‘unkind’ requires a big leap.

I’ve heard that affirming children in their quizzical conclusions on ‘adult’ topics is the ‘kind’ thing to do. Really? Do kids have the knowledge and life experience necessary to make ‘informed’ decisions? Are they born with the ability to navigate the world? If so, why would parents even be necessary? Also, why have parents been held ‘legally’ responsible for what their kids do if kids are independent beings?

IMHO… not offering your kids your values and opinions (aka free-range parenting) is as ‘cruel’ as not offering a ‘blind’ person a ‘helping hand’ to cross the street safely. (Curiously, people who suggest raising kids as ‘free range’ is ‘kind’ often consider anyone not making their cat an ‘indoor animal’ ‘unkind’ because of ‘at large’ dangers.)
Keep in mind, the ‘blind’ person still has the ‘free will’ not to accept the ‘helping hand’. Your kids may not accept your guidance either but it’s likely they may if you are a fair and thoughtful parent. It’s cool how fair and thoughtful parents tend to raise their kids to be fair and thoughtful adults, isn’t it? Can we attribute that only to ‘kinder’ genetics or possibly something else? 😉

Another thing suggested as “unkind” is objecting to people “who want to better themselves” flooding our country ‘illegally’. Really?
First, if we allow that, we are encouraging people- who may have been ‘law abiding’ and generous all of their lives -to break the law and take something that doesn’t belong to them. The ‘unkindness’ of ‘breaking into a country’ also is an affront and ‘cutting of the line’ of other good people who chose not to break the law to become American citizens. Now that we know horrific things are happening to people uprooted by ‘false hope’ of being absolved of their ‘unkind’ methods, might ‘putting our foot down’ (as parents do) save them from themselves?

The ultimate unkind act comes from people who know ‘unkind things’ are happening and think it’s ‘kinder’ not to ‘speak up’.
No, the act of not trying to stop bad things from happening is NEVER kind. It is absolutely unkind, and IMHO is either cowardly or in some way self-serving.

Take heart! People calling others “unkind” are happily not the ultimate arbiters of ‘kindness’ neither are social media memes. Every individual heart determines what is kind. The people telling others to be generically ‘kind’ might want to examine if their own actions fit a “kindness definition” because I don’t think the current ubiquitous definition of “What kindness is?” is universally ‘kind’, at all.

9 thoughts on “Unanswered Question: Is the current definition of “kindness” actually “kind”?

  1. This “The ‘unkindness’ of ‘breaking into a country’ also is an affront” has to be top quote of the week 👏. So many others in your brilliant post 👏👏👏

  2. When I disagreed with them, I don’t think anyone has ever asked me to be kind. I guess it is too obvious I would laugh. Is that a bad thing? They skip to accusations of racism and such nonsense. Supposedly, if you don’t want people voting who cannot even speak English, that makes you a racist. Supposedly, if you don’t want to give away government services (“other people’s money”) to everyone who steals across the border, that makes you a racist. Supposedly, if you want the president to abide by the Constitution and enforce laws he has sworn to enforce, that makes you a racist.

    Our elites are crooked and not wise. They are rationalizing their bad conduct, and the gullible among us are still imitating them. Our president is so crooked and incompetent he would have been more successful if he had been on an extended fishing trip from the first day he took office until the end of his term. Between naps, he might even have caught a fish.

    1. Darn effective! To create an adversarial relationship in a population through an appeal to people who are damaged ‘suckers’ hoping for a chance to feel virtuous at the expense of others, that works perfectly. Self awareness isn’t their strong suit. “They know not what they do.” so they’re oblivious to their usefulness in destroying our country. Quite frightening.

  3. rajkkhoja

    So excellent post for kindness actually kind. It’s advisable & informative, valuable written on kind.
    So nice written to ” your kids may not accept your guidence either but likely they may if you are a fair and thoughtful parents. ” It’s really true thought written you.

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