Morning Dawdler 2/26/23 Know Yourself

Let’s see where the questions take us today.

Which behavioural trait describes you more – introvert, ambivert or extrovert?

How I describe myself is quite different from how others might describe me. I find that curious in itself. If you’re lucky enough to have a large dose of introspection, then IMHO you probably know yourself pretty well.
I have never heard of ‘ambivert’. Is that new? Sounds like one of those ‘I can’t decide’ places that seem to rule our conversations today. “Fence sitters” are IMHO just ‘hecklers’ in a world of people who dare to take a position on anything. I hope you know that “taking a position” isn’t a ‘forever’ deal. You can move when more information becomes available. But it certainly is a ‘boots on the ground’ thoughtful experience. To me, those who don’t want to ‘take a position’ are subliminally projecting that they really don’t want to examine that idea in any detail.
I believe that I am an “introvert”. My ‘happy place’ is exploring my own mind and experiences. I’m a wreck if I don’t get enough ‘alone time’. I seem to require more solitude than the people who I know personally. [I chose a ‘stay at home’ career. I think that speaks volumes.]
But I am outspoken and gregarious when around groups of people or blogging. How can I really be an introvert? Well, I believe that someone who feels that they know themselves, and their own intentions, tends to feel more comfortable in their ‘own skin‘. That can be either an ‘off-putting’ or a very ‘charming’ trait in mixed company. It is the epitome of self-confidence to feel comfortable with yourself which seems contrary to the ‘mousey’ loner stereotype usually attributed to being an ‘introvert’.

How often do you clear out free space on your phone, and how often does your storage space fill up? Also, how many apps do you have that you use daily?

I only have a few apps that I use daily. I don’t care to count them. Why would that be important?
As for keeping my phone organized and storage space open, I’m a highly functioning ‘clutter bug’ in all parts of my day. LOL
Procrastination looms large in my life. It works out for me too many times.
After describing myself as someone who spends a lot of time thinking, I hope you can see how the clutter completes and even augments that place. 😉

Are you easily annoyed, and your temper continually snaps? If so, what irks you the most, or are you the calm one who only blows occasionally?

Beware of those calm ones! If they blow, it’s going to be BIG! LOL
I’m not inhuman. I probably feel waves of frustration and irritation as often as ‘hot heads’. What’s different with me (and keeping with a developing theme) is that I choose not to ‘give in’ to those feelings. I think losing one’s cool often makes a person appear immature and unhinged. As someone who wants to learn and think more than argue, exhibiting those traits would be conversation enders and therefore a real bummer. But like they say, “everyone has a price”, there are moments when I choose to ‘show ‘ my anger. You can bet that I have thought about, and can list, MY reasons for doing that too! LOL

12 thoughts on “Morning Dawdler 2/26/23 Know Yourself

  1. Pankaj Kumar

    This self-reflective analysis reminds us that we are complex individuals with varying traits and habits. It also highlights the importance of introspection and self-awareness in understanding ourselves better. The analysis may seem random, but it shows how even seemingly mundane things like phone storage can reveal aspects of ourselves. This blog post was well worth the time spent. 👍👏👌😊

  2. Hi Susan, interesting answers all round.

    Ambivert is indeed a recognised term, just not used as often l should imagine alongside omnivert – most people are used to hearing intro and extro and think they are the only ones around, however we live in a changing and challenging world 🙂

    An Ambivert is someone whose overall behaviour is between introversion or extroversion. An Omnivert is someone who can be the extremes of either at different times. Whilst generally l am an ambivert or what l used to jokingly refer to myself as a ‘selectavert’, the reality or my relaity is l am more like that os an omnivert 🙂

    1. Everything is “selectivert” these days. 🤣
      Our world hasn’t changed as much as our languages… which is nudging changes to our cultures IMHO for the worst. Thanks!

  3. I remember, long ago, the first time I saw ‘ambivert’ in social media, with a description – “YUP! That’s me!” I thought – but after ‘diving into research what the REAL research/clinical definition of the term was? Found out, doesn’t exist – – 😀

    My brother was the FIRST one in my circle to say, “Sis, I don’t care who says what about ya/label ya – you’re an introvert – simply because, if you go to a ‘party’ you’d rather have a few in depth conversations with those who know more than you do, than you want to flit about talking to everyone” LOL (that, too, is NOT an official, clinical definition of Introversion, either, I freely admit to….)

    And, just because I can strike up a general conversation, with a stranger, when standing in line for a museum, movie, etc.? DOESN”t mean I’m an Extrovert – – it just means I might learn something while standing in line – from someone with different perspective of th world than I –

    I’m also a fence-sitter on many ‘trending topics/latest greatest’ tropes, simply because I learned a long time ago to fear mob mentality and the blindspots of jumping onto the bandwagon that may have only one song in their entire set, that I like the sound of – – LOL

    Thus, all of these….none of these??? Some of these??? Depends upon who you ask about me, or what I’m thinking about that day when you ask me, to define myself, in ‘broadly used labels’ trending in human land – – LOL

    1. You ‘speak to me’ on a more compatible level than I’m used to! LOL
      Could we be related?
      As for the fence sitter topic, I regretted adding a disclaimer that it is a viable place worthy of research before one decides BUT, IMHO, it is not meant to be a ‘lifetime’ position nor should it be a place from which you ‘snipe at’ others from unless you’re asking questions on your quest to decide. 😉
      I so happy that you’ve chosen to offer your perspective. I expect to learn from you. ❤

      1. ANYONE can learn a lot from me – either on “hmm…might try that” but MORE often? “Seriously! Amazing she has survived – NOT doing it that way!” – – aka “How-to-NOT-Do” versions of life – LOL!

      2. Given our exchanges, on this post and others? Via comments? Yeah – we are related – in my mind, even if we barely share any DNA without going back in time 10,000 years or more – LOL

        Most recently, I guess, for myself, I see the following, as ‘why’ you speak to me on a compatible level, too!:
        A. I hear my grandmother (who loved to just sit and People watch and I loved sitting beside her) giggle and say, “now look at that man over there….so worried and in a hurry, he forgot to zip his pants – what load do you suppose he is carrying, right now?” – but! she always reminded me, “People are funny, and afford us much entertainment as we watch them – but never forget, we are watched too, and are just as funny/afford others entertainment too”

        B. On the Fence Sitter topic, I watched a TV Series called “The Closer” long ago – about a new female chief of police – and there was one episode, to me, that sums up when to fencesit between sides, and the ages old battles between idealism and pragmatism, and well – sharing it with you – simply because – sometimes I know for sure which side of the fence I feel okay with myself, standing on – sometimes I see pros/cons on each side and sometimes? Well – a few or many are bound and determined to give 2.5 seconds to choose them, or they’ll shove me off and hope I land on their side – and sometimes, one side or the other, just decides to burn the whole world down on this front or that and I realize, “I can’t sit in the middle, no more – I gotta pick, place my bet and let the chips fall where they may” –

      3. The way you present your thoughts is refreshing. IMHO… knowing “why” and caring to know “why” you choose to do anything comes down to a desire to, and skill of, ‘knowing yourself’. I have come to realize that this can be intimidating to many people. [it doesn’t seem unkind or judgmental to me. Why does anyone have to be concerned with how well I want to know myself? LOL]
        The “grandmother” influence in each of our lives is large. Lucky us!
        I consider myself an amused viewer of people too. But… if I may speak for both of us, our viewing isn’t as much about casting ‘judgment’ as it is merely for entertainment. Why? Those who know, and are comfortable with themselves, simply don’t need to compare themselves with others. BUT those who watch people like us, often have the feeling that we are judging them. Why? Because they constantly are making judgments on others. If they only KNEW how little we actually care about ‘what they think of us’, they might relax. LOL
        Thanks for the connection, new friend. Being ‘oddly’ content and happy was getting boring. ❤

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