Weekend Writing Challenge #300- Questions. Questions Everywhere.

Questions. Questions Everywhere.

Is midnight the ‘beginning’ or ‘end’ of a day?
Should something you enjoy be called “work” or “play”?
Can we trust what “you do” or what “you say”?
Does one complaint mean you get your own way?

I hope you realize that opposites are rare.
Before you claim others seem so ‘unfair’,
Subjectiveness lurks everywhere.
Nuance isn’t easy to share.
Hearts don’t think and minds can’t care.

Keep asking questions, and boldly confess,
The best we have is a personal “guess”.
Conclusions roundly cause “thinkers” duress.
So, make your “go to” answer, “Yes.”




12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Challenge #300- Questions. Questions Everywhere.

  1. This is great! And great advice too.

    It made me think of the movie, Gremlins and the rule – don’t feed them after midnight. But when does after midnight end? It’s always after midnight (or before). Does that mean you never feed them? Surely the rule should have been “don’t feed between the hours of…”. However, as Gizmo didn’t seem to need to eat to live, and water caused him to divide, I guess it really was don’t give him anything to eat! 😂

  2. My answers to your first four lines: yes, yes, I wouldn’t, and never.
    With that out of the way,

    An excellent poem that I enjoyed very much reading. Quite playful, Susan.

    Well done.

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