Morning Dawdler 2-23-23 According to Conscience

Rory has more questions today. Let’s play:

Are you quiet or vocal when watching television, a movie, or a film? Can you sit there with others and watch silently, or are you filled with oohs, ahhs, and other gesture forms?

Surprise! I am extremely vocal. LOL
I most often watch movies and TV alone or with only one or two people who do the same. I realize that doing so is rude in mixed company, so I refrain from being vocal when that situation happens, but my enjoyment becomes limited if I need to be silent.

How many rolls of toilet paper does your household use monthly on average?

I’ve never counted. While I offered childcare in my home, the volume was larger than most households. I bought cheaper brands with lower ply counts during my daycare years to avoid plugged plumbing from kids using it too generously.

Do you believe that if a person takes a life, they destroy a part of themselves – what are your views on this?

What a loaded question!
Cutting down a tree and murdering one’s neighbor each fit the description of “taking a life”.
If someone has no conscience, the taking of a life wouldn’t matter to him.
If the ‘taking of life’ was not foreseen or planned by the ‘destroyer’ (an accident), it might not be diminishing to that person, but people often blame themselves for events that they have no power to change so it’s a personal choice. The human capacity for ‘guilt’ drives many positive and negative outcomes. That ‘feeling’ destroys life as often as it saves it. Exploring human guilt would take volumes. Extremely interesting but too time consuming in this format.

8 thoughts on “Morning Dawdler 2-23-23 According to Conscience

  1. Good answers Susan, the last question is indeed loaded, and always comes down to interpretation. The question came about whilst l was watching a film and they said “You lose a part of yourself when you take the life of another’ and l thought mm, that is interesting.

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