Unanswered Question: Why did politics have to become a game?

It’s alarming to me how many people clap like seals for all the “firsts” happening in the political realm. The first female Vice President. The first openly gay Transportation Secretary … and so on.

Our culture has become so obsessed with celebrity and its own self-satisfying ‘virtue signaling’ that we’re in BIG trouble.
Americans (in their naive arrogance) have come to vote and behave according to their own ‘tastes’ and sadly, our general population doesn’t even have a clue what “good” leadership looks like. Heck, many don’t even know how our Constitutional Republic is supposed to work.
Those people are far more dangerous to our country than the CCP.

The uninformed and/or the ‘superficial’ voter reminds me of people who like to play football pools but know nothing about the game. They choose teams because of the color of their uniforms or their mascots. Once in a while, they actually win the pool but that’s a rare occurrence. The people running the pool love those people because they add to the ‘pot’ and in throwing their money away ignorantly advantage those who are determined to increase their own odds of a bigger win.

We all know that ‘merit’ carries far less weight these days than superficial “feel good” attributes. Anybody who still remains ‘giddy’ over the first female Vice President is a fool. Sorry, foolish people are called “fools”.

Now that the primaries for President are on the horizon, I hear a lot of chatter. Many political junkies are wondering which candidate will say the ‘right’ words or have the best trending intersectionality.

Running the country is NOT a game people. Take my word for it, the World is far less impressed with us than we are with ourselves these days. (Wake up!) It’s not senior year and we’re not about to be watching candidates who are vying to be prom king and queen. Each candidate needs sober consideration.

As a final thought, I want to ask would the gender, race, sexuality or the charisma of your heart transplant surgeon carry as much consideration as the surgeon’s skill set and record? Would those former superficial things even matter?
I dearly hope our country is worth the same pragmatic merit-based consideration in voting from each citizen as he/she would use for themselves.

Meanwhile, I’ll never understand why something as important as our political leadership became a game.

6 thoughts on “Unanswered Question: Why did politics have to become a game?

  1. Brilliant post Susan, you have encapsulated not only US politics but also those of the U.K. Our country is “burning” from inflation, energy prices, illegal immigration, knife crime, woke policing, grooming gangs yada yada, yet the politicians are more concerned with who said what about transgenderism, the EU, Meghan Markle, Donald Trump, aaarrgghhhh! Your quote sums it up:
    “I want to ask would the gender, race, sexuality or the charisma of your heart transplant surgeon carry as much consideration as the surgeon’s skill set and record?”

    1. Thank-you sir. I had the feeling you were under similar insane circumstances.
      [Just so ya know, I think Trump has superb leadership skills (his political instincts need work though.). But we’ll tackle that in another thread.] 😉😊

      1. I agree with you about Trump, and …… with any luck he and Farage will unite in sorting out our respective countries after next years elections. That should make a few heads explode in the media 😂😂🤞

  2. Our standards for our politicians are really that bad. Our members of Congress take an oath to “preserve, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” which is difficult to do when you have no idea what the document actually says. The main obstacle to term limits (which might do some marginal good, at least in getting rid of some of the dead weight) is that people like their Congresscritters and should be allowed to vote for them ad finitum, regardless of whether said Congesscritter is doing anything more than lining their own pockets. We’re also warned that, with a revolving door in Congress, the knowledge of policy and procedure is lost and that the bureaucracy will take over and effectively run the government, as if that hasn’t happened already…

    It’s all about identity anymore. It’s why the first female head of the US Public Health Service (making her a full Admiral) is an ugly transvestite, the first female Vice President is an absurd, giggling moron, the Secretary of Transportation is an incompetent administrator who spent more time on family leave taking care of his husband and the two children they adopted than solving the supply chain issues that have left grocery store shelves bare. It’s why the Bronx is represented by a young, arguably attractive woman with a brown face that shows little aptitude fot doing anything but serving shots and beers. I could go on….

    1. There are more instances of direct evidence of delusion, incompetence, and willful neglect than there are words in the Omnibus Bill.
      My policy…notice who the media and bureaucracy hates the most and do all I can to elect him. 😉
      In reality, I’m adding prayers too.

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