Sunday Poser #119- Who you are.

Sadje’s question for today:

Valentine’s Day is not something I care about. Love is a 24/7 emotion.

It’s little things that someone does for others never anything that you buy.
It’s showing your loved ones they can be sure you’re available to help or comfort them any time of any day.
It’s going without in order to give support.
It’s being present for your family and friends.
It’s thinking there’s no greater reward than seeing your loved one happy and safe.
It’s forgiveness.

Most of all, it is doing all those things for others because you’ve taken the time to know “Who they are.” not by trying to make them into someone that you wish them to be.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #119- Who you are.

  1. My mom put on Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street for me as a kid, I think I learned more about love from those two shows than from school or any public institution. I believe love to be learned in part, even though it is inherent in the human spirit. It is like a muscle, if not nurtured, it can be forgotten. That’s why I think human beings in modern societies embrace practices that foster it.

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