Weekly Smile 1/30/23- It’s Snowing!

We got some snow last week. I know that many people are inconvenienced by measurable snowfall, but I love it!
It’s pretty, and most importantly to me, it makes all the insane “git ‘er done!” bustling slow to a crawl.
Schedules are temporarily suspended.
Either I was born one hundred years too late or I’m just a ‘stop and smell the roses’ type, but the pace of living often dismays me.
That’s no doubt why escaping to the woods regenerates me.

I’m hoping Mother Nature will offer me a few snowier pauses this year. She’s been taking her own breaks from bringing winter on fully. Hey… she’s no ‘spring chicken’ perhaps she needs to pause too!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Smile 1/30/23- It’s Snowing!

  1. We had a couple of big snowfalls last week, when I was traveling, of course. But, yeah, much less snow than we are used to here. Enjoy the snow and the slower pace it brings!

    1. It’s the one created by the blog that promotes that prompt. I just copy and paste it so others know I’m “playing” along. Wish I could take credit for it. Many clever people out there.

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