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Looking for Joy and Finding Good

I was having an exchange with a blogger friend this morning when my cellphone went off. The song below is my current ringtone.

The topic of our conversation boiled down to an agreement that we are much more than our ‘political’ viewpoints. Let’s face it, somehow our enjoyment of everything has been damaged by media making all topics political.

I then looked up the clip from Sister Act:2 from which this joyful rendition came because it makes me happy.
Before me was Whoopi Goldberg, someone who is viciously political in ‘real life’…I looked past that.
Then I realized how long I’ve had ‘issues’ with the Catholic Church…I looked past that.
I further wondered if some people would be put off by any ‘religious’ theme… might they look past that?

What was before me was simply a heartwarming performance of a beautiful song by kids singing their hearts out in joy!

I love this clip. The song speaks to me. I didn’t need to entertain unpleasant aspects of what I could see. My heart is happy that I didn’t. I found the “beautiful” in it and the “beautiful” is getting harder to find.

Let’s all seek joy and goodness anywhere we can find it. Check our biases, complaints, and politics at the door and LOOK for it.
There’s a time and place for those things, of course, but without experiencing a BIG picture, now and then for balance, we’ll lose our humanity.

I’m willing to bet our media wants us to stay ‘lost’.

Please enjoy this clip with me. ❤


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

10 thoughts on “Looking for Joy and Finding Good

  1. I’d forgotten about Oh Happy Day and Sister Act. I don’t think Whoopi acts these days. She’s doing talk shows, I think. I remember the old movies like Ghost and this one. They were what we watched before streaming; when we sat down at a particular time and day and enjoyed movies on the TV. Wonderful post btw. These days it’s hard to not be political. I tend to not express my views though. I have issues with the right and the left (if you take the West into consideration). But yeah, let’s celebrate humanity, forget the media and just accept life for what it is.

  2. The media thrives on dissent and conflict, while I want to see more stories of firemen rescuing kittycats. I have a negative view if Whoopie, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fun clip. Kudos!

    1. Yes, stay ‘lost’ completely. It’s been happening all over, these hypes and gimmicks.
      A “poetic heart” to “brave heart”…😊
      BTW where is Whoopi Goldberg, not seen her in any award ceremony or movie for quite some time…

      1. Whoopi spends her time on a “women’s” talk show that I don’t watch. Clips I’ve seen of it, tells me she’s been captured by “victimhood” and political vitriol. I won’t allow ‘who she is’ tarnish some good performances she’s done. Thanks for commenting!

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