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Monday Peeve – TV Doctors

I try not to be a ‘complainer’. But I don’t believe complaining is bad as long as it’s not overdone. Paula’s Monday Peeve is always interesting. As my blog’s primary purpose is to serve as a future reference for my granddaughters, I think they ought to get a glimpse of things that ‘get under my skin’. What bothers us is a window into our views and values.

As I was reading Paula’s post, I was listening to TV. There was a popular doctor on talking about the pros and cons of the Covid shot. Fine advice when/if it can be ‘backed up’ with data. BUT there’s no doubt in my mind that much data is being collected with ANY efficiency.

The statements that really irk me are: “You won’t get as sick (as you would have) with Covid-19 if you’ve been vaccinated.” and “You’re less likely to be placed on a ventilator too.” [In medicine, every person’s case has many other variables!]


I have firsthand knowledge about the ‘helter skelter’ data collection on this virus. I personally know people who were ill and never actually ‘tested’ for Covid-19. Nobody to this day knows which variant they had because they weren’t tested, and also, no one used a “How sick are you?” meter, either. Who knows how or if those persons’ situations were reported? I hope you know that nobody is really interested in counting or compiling that kind of data.

So, any claim of “knowledge” by TV doctors, especially when it comes to guessing about what may happen or which variants are raging, is a fairy tale. They don’t even have a clear count on what has happened.

The claim that “you won’t get as sick if…” is pure fiction.

They should stick to warnings that they can back up like: “You won’t be a victim of shark attacks if you don’t swim in the ocean.” or “You’re far less likely to die from fentanyl poisoning if you don’t use medication that hasn’t been prescribed to you.”

The TV fortune telling, in the name of experts and science, ought to stop.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

11 thoughts on “Monday Peeve – TV Doctors

  1. Well, I feel compelled to comment since this is a Monday Peeve. I, for one, am grateful for all vaccines, as I skipped the flu shot in 2014 and got miserably sick. Each year that I get the “imperfect” flu shot, i do not get the flu. I’ve also had the set of shingles vaccines, the pneumonia vax, and a slew of others, including all the Covid shots. Since 2014, I’ve only had a couple colds. So, for me, I’m happy with these jabs. I have not caught Covid (that I know of), but friends have ~ they were fully vaxed and did not get that sick. All anecdotal evidence, of course, but it works for me!

    1. It is thoroughly a personal choice. I’m not anti-vaccine. I am anti-guessing in medical reporting.
      All “vaccines” are not alike. The Covid shot has no resemblance (or similar effectiveness) to what we know as vaccines. It’s an experiment. I’m glad when every individual takes their medical precautions seriously.
      The fact that you found a need to defend “vaccines” when my post was entirely about false promises and unprovable claims, concerns me, though.
      This isn’t a thumbs up or thumbs down situation. It’s a ‘tell us the truth’ one.
      Wishing you continued good results! ❤

      1. Thanks! I do feel it is important to address my good personal experience with vaccines, including the Covid ones, when someone is making negative comments via my peeve post. I do not consider the government recommendations to be false promises, as they haven’t promised anything, just told us our odds of getting mildly ill or not ill were better with the vaxes. There is no guarantee I won’t get the flu either. Normally, I do not comment on posts I disagree with.

      2. Great for you, Paula! Do what you think is right.
        Just because covid-19 shot is called a “vaccine” doesn’t make it one. (The clear data suggests it is purely a ‘treatment’ or ‘medicine’ not a vaccine.)
        My whole post made the point that IMHO, they don’t even know “the odds”.
        The reason flu shots don’t always work is because they too are developed using an “educated guess”. I am not at all against them. At least flu vaccines offer us “we’re not sure” clause. TV doctors ought to admit that they ‘aren’t sure’ about the Covid shot. The unprovable fortune telling does no one good. 😉

      3. Any doctor promising you won’t get Covid if you take the vax is bad news. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with any of those docs. And also I don’t watch tv with commercials or listen to them on the radio, which cuts way down on my peeves!

  2. My dad gets all the shots (every booster) plus shingles vaccines, etc. and did all the research on the covid vaccines and then proceeded to give me all the details. But I still go by my own experiences, and the covid vaccine gave me heart palpitations and I still got covid later! 😆I’m not sure if I would have been sicker without it. I do think the doctors are doing the best they know how. I don’t think vaccines should ever be mandatory because we all experience them differently and there is never a guarantee it won’t do damage imho.

    1. Yes! It would be nice if the Public Health people would let us know what they truly know. [Wish I believed that all of them weren’t ‘compromised’ and purposefully dishonest. I don’t]
      As for everyday doctors, they mean well. BUT their primary sources of information are from people who don’t really care. Doctors don’t do their own ‘science’. They depend on powerful, self-interested, medical conglomerates to advise them.
      Many, nearly most, of the medical science communities have questionable motivations, and at the least, withhold information that could inform the public. Really makes each of us do our own research for our own sake. Openly discussing this topic is of great value!

      1. Did you catch this article from 3 days ago? it seems they are investigating when they see some evidence of danger, but a little late, now that we’ve all got it. There’s always going to be some risks and I guess we have to weigh it. I know many who did die from Covid, so it’s a hard thing to decide. We want protection, but we do want transparency!

  3. The last few Wednesdays, I’ve been asking a series of questions about the advice proffered by “experts…

    What if the experts are wrong?
    What if the experts are making it up?
    What if the experts are lying?
    Tomorrow’s is “What if the experts have ulterior motives?”

    I’m very wary of anyone calling him/herself an “expert,” especially when it comes to Covid or climate change. Or anything having to do with gender…

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