5 Things Tuesday- “anti-resolutions”- Just say “NO”

A friend of mine posted her ‘take’ on this prompt. Thought it was cool so here are mine:

1. I’m saying “NO” to accepting any guilt for things that happen beyond my control and outside of my influence.

2. I’m saying “NO” to wasting my leisure time on anything that doesn’t interest me.

3.I’m saying “NO” to “talking” more than I “listen”. [This one is hard for me and shouldn’t be confused with generically “agreeing” with what I hear.]

4.I’m saying “NO” to following ‘business as usual’ because “everyone else” thinks I should. [This is just a renewal of the attitude I already have.]

5. I’m saying “NO” to believing that a large majority of average, every day, Americans are not well-intentioned and ‘good’. [I already believe most people everywhere are ‘good’, but our media, government, and educational systems are doing their darndest to convince us that that is not true. I’m not falling for it.]

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