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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #262- Colorblind


So, which is the prompt? The words or the image?

It’s your choice. Choose one or both to take you to a different world.

There is no restriction on format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap.



It felt like a bolt of lightning!

Griffin sat straight up in bed with a shiver.

Had he always dreamt in color?

“What difference does that make you stupid fool. It was just a random dream.”

It was amazingly vivid. But spattered paintbrushes in a rainbow of colors are all I can recall of it. It must have been the result of that spicy midnight snack. Lesson learned.

It was only a few minutes before his alarm would go off, so Griffin Prime jumped out of bed and readied himself for work.
His morning energy felt electric. He had a good feeling about a breakthrough happening today.

While the ‘gifted’ young man relaxed in the Think Tank lounge, the dream haunted him. His ability to immediately dismiss mumbo jumbo seemed unusually ‘lazy’. An unfamiliar angst started to interfere with his logical brilliant mind.

I know dreams are just electrical impulses in my brain, that there’s no such thing as God, and everything that cannot be easily explained through my own examination can be immediately filed in my ‘coincidence bin’. There’s no meaning in dreams, and colors are for kids, so get a grip and get to work, Griffin!

And work he did. By lunch Griffin had labeled a dozen of his colleagues’ theories RIDICULOUS, UTTERLY UNPROVEABLE, and GIVE ME A BREAK!
Satisfied with himself beyond his usual hubris (a feat usually attainable only by fictional Gods), he called it a day and decided to walk home. Walking and observing the ‘common’ man offered him such comic relief.

He chuckled at garbagemen, rolled his eyes at young mothers with crying children, and mocked a group of homeless people arguing over a bottle of wine. As he passed the church on the corner, he noticed a line of mourners filing to their cars for a funeral procession. A man who seemed to be the “ringleader” of those ignorant folks, suddenly cut him off, looked into his eyes and whispered, “Appreciate the colors, brother. God be with you.”
Griffin’s impulse to spit in his face was interrupted by a sudden excruciating electric shock in his head that knocked him to the ground.

He next awakened in a hospital bed with bandages around his skull and alarm bells going off. He watched nurses rush to him from a vantage point of floating above the bed. Around him bright beautiful colors began to obscure that scene and a soft reassuring voice whispered, “Appreciate the colors. I am with you.”

It would be weeks before he’d awaken again in that same hospital bed and to his amazement, he could actually ‘feel’ every color in the room! It was then that he realized colors had never held any meaning to him. He had dismissed them as he had everything that hadn’t come from his own logical perception.

The first thing Griffin would do upon leaving the hospital after a life-threatening brain aneurism, coma, and near-death experience, would be to dispose of his ‘coincidence bin’. So much more interested him now and he wanted, for the first time, to dream, and live, in full color. Evaluating things, he couldn’t explain, no longer would be dealt with in black and white.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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