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Weekend Writing Prompt #290- Fun at the Company Christmas Party

Fun at the Company Christmas Party

She’d struggle to bring up topics that weren’t deemed ‘political’.
The weather leads to Climate Change.
Shopping leads to Inflation.
Ask about how the kids like school and CRT and Common Core are there.
Don’t dare to sneeze or you’ll get Covid glares.
Even asking if the new grandbaby is a boy or girl, is a quagmire!
Perpetual politics were the tragic “New Normal”.
Silence wasn’t her style, so she bought, and beautifully wrapped, a pocket U.S. Constitution for everyone.
Now for some fun!



I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #290- Fun at the Company Christmas Party

  1. Really strange world we live in. This politically correct extreme left wing madness is so weird. I think she can’t bring up Aliens too because Demi Lovato considers them ‘extraterrestrials.’

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