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EZ-PZ Writes #35-Adopted; Now Loved


The Musette, created by Emily Romano is a poem that consists of three verses of three lines each. The first lines have two syllables; the second lines have four syllables, and the third lines have two syllables. The rhyme scheme is a/b/a for the first verse; c/d/c for the second verse, and e/f/e for the third verse. The title should reflect the poem’s content.

three verses

first line – 2 syllables

second line – 4 syllables

third line – 2 syllables

rhyme scheme – a/b/a c/d/c e/f/e

title reflects poems content


Adopted; Now Loved

Pure heart
In warm soft fur
Tough start

Deep eyes
My dog, my friend,
Most wise

You’re here
Stay awhile
Life’s dear

This form was tricky. It’s about our dear Norah who was relinquished to a shelter in Arkansas while expecting puppies in 2019. (She was severely underfed because even bursting with pups she weighed almost 20 pounds less than she does now! Our vet says she is a good weight currently.) She gave birth to 9 pups, and they were happily adopted. Norah waited for six months to find a home. When I saw her, I fell for her soulful eyes. After hearing her story, I wanted her. I’d lost my best pal Ollie 3 weeks before and we honored his memory by giving her a forever home. I named her Norah which means ‘honor’. She was shipped from Arkansas by trailer truck to Vermont where we picked her up. This will be her 4th Christmas with us. ❤


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “EZ-PZ Writes #35-Adopted; Now Loved

  1. What a beautiful story, Susan, and I don’t see how anyone could resist those soulful eyes. I love your musette and your story about Norah.

    We had a 19-year-old cat that died Jan. of 2020, and we were heartbroken. On Valentine’s Day, we were at the humane society to adopt a new cat. As we passed by the cages, a little paw comes out along with a tiny meow and there was Callie. We’ve had her for 3 years this coming Valentine’s Day. We were told Callie was turned back by a family because she didn’t get along with their children. Well, she has a forever home with us. Our fur babies make a house a home, IMO. 💖

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