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OLWG #290- Flash Fiction- Happily Ever After

So – here’s the deal.

  1. I maintain a file loaded with at least 50 writing prompts, at all times.
  2. Weekly, probably on Sunday’s, I will post two or three prompts from my collection.
  3. Take those prompts and, choose one of them, choose all of them or, choose none of them and incorporate them into a story or poem. You can wax poetically, or you can write fiction, non-fiction, stream of consciousness, or whatever else strikes your fancy in that moment of that day.
  4. If you want to apply a bit of pressure to yourself – limit your writing time to 25 or 30 minutes. You can tack on extra time to edit, if you want or you can have that time include editing. Your choice.
  5. Post your work on your blog with a link back to the prompt page that inspired you.
  6. Choose a number between 1 and 50. These choices will determine the prompts used for the next time.
  7. Have fun, take risks with your writing, and ignore any or all of these guidelines from time to time.

This week’s prompts are:

  1. here we go again
  2. postcards from Paris
  3. it replaced wine tasting

    Happily, Ever After

    “Does anyone know what’s gotten into Pricilla? I saw her outdoors in jeans and a t-shirt yesterday! I hope she’s okay.”

    The Ladies Artisans and Antiques Auxiliary meeting was about to begin and one of its founders was conspicuously missing.

    “I’ve noticed a change in her too. I approached her last week with our ‘sister’ group’s postcards from Paris and she hardly acknowledged them! She mumbled something about being too busy. Perhaps her maid quit, and she needed to interview a new one or… I’ve got it! She has a delightful surprise planned for us. I’ll bet it’s a wine tasting with her second Cousin Eugine again.”

    “That wouldn’t explain her dreadful attire, Claire. Something’s wrong.”

    Here we go again! Pricilla has most likely reconciled with her Ex. Remember when she first met Carl. She started drinking beer and shopping at Walmart!”

    “Poor, poor, dear Pricilla. She’s so easily led into the dregs. That uncivilized man really has an unholy influence on her.”

    “We may have to perform another intervention and hire a private investigator again. All in favor say, ‘Aye’.”

    A unanimous affirmation came from the group of 7. An investigator was hired, and the results were earth shaking!

    Pricilla was photographed in the company of Carl at a skeet shooting range. That barbaric activity had more than replaced wine tasting because Pricilla appeared giddily happy in the photographs, something that those ‘ladies’ found profoundly uncouth. Pricilla had betrayed them, and her name was not to be ever mentioned again. How dare she live Happily Ever After!

    [I choose #11]


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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