Where’s the Crisis?

There’s an awful lot of angst and money being invested in a perceived “Climate Crisis”. To be sure, the Earth’s climate is changing but calling it an ‘existential crisis’ seems a bit exaggerated.
A crisis basically is described as a ‘tipping point’ between survival and disaster. Something that requires action in order to curb an imminent threat.
The only crisis I can see is a self-imposed one. The rejection of the value of and reliance on “fossil fuels” is speedily heading us toward a ‘cliff’. Western governments are cutting off reliable, plentiful, affordable energy while experimenting with terribly unreliable forms of ‘renewable energy’ (that aren’t perfected yet) at the expense of human lives and national security. They’re trying to shut off all the ‘lights’ before we can locate ‘the candles and matches’!
Who actually are those geniuses who found and defined the Climate Change Crisis? I hope it wasn’t the same ones who promoted the ‘shutdowns’ during the spread of the Covid-19 virus! That brand-new ‘brilliant’ approach to pandemics was devastatingly destructive.

The climate ‘scare’ is directly coming from a reliance on hand-picked “expert” predictions -experts who are wealthy and secure enough not to feel the consequences of their ‘guesses’- and often stand to get wealthier and more powerful. They aren’t using their own wealth either. They’re investing your future and prosperity.

Let’s look at predictions. They’re done by using computer models. Whoa! Computers are even smarter than ‘experts’, right?
Um… no they aren’t. They only use the information ‘fed’ to them by the ‘experts’. Have you ever seen the computer models projecting the path of a hurricane using moment to moment numbers? They look like a toddler’s first attempt at coloring!

{Check out the diversity of Climate Change models sometime. They too are “all over the map”.}

Only a grandma would think the above picture suitable for hanging on the frig. As an example of “fact”, it’s useless. But predicting the End of the World must be easier, right? LOL
Give me a break.

So, I want to leave you with some advice:

Never litter.
Always be conscious of not wasting energy. {I’ve heard that about 47 private jets transported ‘big shots’ to the last Climate Crisis Conference. Many of them own beach front property too.}
Never waste water. (Potable H2O is far scarcer than petroleum and natural gas.)
Recycle when you’re able.
And examine everything that’s proposed by “experts” or government thoroughly.

Nature is not fragile, nor does it operate at the pleasure of humans. The most recent example of Nature over Human Intervention is evident in the large number of otherwise healthy people harmed (and yet to find out they’ve been harmed) by an experimental medicine, who likely would have been okay if they had relied on their “natural” immune systems and using common sense.

The call to a Crisis should always make you question everything. If censorship over any discussions or questioning of the “crisis” are revealed, double-down on your research! There’s always something “rotten” going on somewhere when people are silenced and it’s up to YOU to find out what it is.

PS… “Fact checkers” are full of manure… trust your own brain.

10 thoughts on “Where’s the Crisis?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly,Susan. Somewhere along the line “cleaning up our planet”, a pollution problem got lumped in with climate change. In my view, climate change is not man made but the natural evolution of the earth as it travels around the universe, and we can do minimal to nothing to change it. However, pollution, preserving precious resources and caring for our planet is something within our control, and we should do our best to fix it.

    1. 😊 Thanks. Being skeptical about the “crisis” does not mean that we don’t care. Have you seen what those batteries and wind turbines actually do to the environment?! Modern
      “environmentalists” obviously aren’t defending the environment. They’re activists instead.

  2. Remember the first Earth Day, all the way back in 1970, when we were told we had ten years to save the planet? 52 years later, we still have ten years to sve the planet. That right there tells me the whole thing is BS.

    Like everyone else should, I want clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment. I also want food, a thriving economy, and not having to worry about freezing to death. Cutting off production of coal, natural gas, and oil in favor of technologies that are years away from being developed to the point where they can substitute for proven methods of generating electricity is not just irresponsible, it is sheer insanity.

    1. Absolutely! In 1970 there was an Ice Age on our immediate horizon, then acid rain, the ozone layer disappearing, and the unforgettable killer bee invasion. I can’t ever prove it, but Covid-19 felt purposeful and so WELL timed. Thanks, John

      1. I think there are lots of people out there that think thge timing of the Covid-19 emergence was just a little too convenient. Now it’d coming out that people are developing and dying of myocarditis after they’ve had the boosters, and that an executive at Pfizer admitted that the vaccine would neither prevent it nor prevent transmission of it. The more I hear, the madder I get.

      2. “I can’t ever prove it, but Covid-19 felt purposeful and so WELL timed.”

        I am of the same thoughts here Susan.

        I remember reading an article that was on the front page of the Daily Mail here in the UK in March 2019 that had been published by the W.H.O about the desperate need to find a solution to the global ‘crisis’ of population.

        Less than a year later and the pandemic was reaching far and wide into the world.

        I would say in fact that Covid was in the UK long before 2020 pandemic as my other half was hospitalised after a trip to Australia visiting the grandkids and contracted something on the return connecting flights and that was August 2019. She was hospital for 10 days with symptoms very similar to covid but it was claassed as unknown and ‘kucky to have survived it’.

        She had stage 4 throat cancer the following year, yes she survived, but that too came out of nowhere. I can’t prove anything, but l do have my doubts about certain pandemics only being present when the media nd politics said it was,

        Climate cris and the media shouldn’t walk hand in hand and yet … put the two together and we have crisis this and crisis that.

        The world has been ending as many have said already here since the 70’s, this has got to be the slowest world ending l know of.

      3. Thank you for your comment and input. Glad to hear wife pulled through. There are powerful globalists nudging Western civilization toward a downfall. Since the WHO is an arm of the CCP, this is no surprise. Best of luck forward!

  3. Audrine Max

    i am with you, Susan. as long as they don’t create once more “guidelines” that are only applicable to us the masses and is irrelevant to those in the higher ups. it would be so nice if they would stop interfering with our lives. 🙂

    1. Glad to hear that Audrine. There have been many provisions for more years than you may be aware of that only apply to us.
      Many regulations and laws do not affect or apply to the lawmakers. [That is directly against our Constitution which has been ignored for many years.] The pandemic just opened our eyes when they stopped caring about being sneaky anymore. 😉

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