SoCS 11-5-22- Outrage, Regret, and Input

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favorite word.” Decide on your favorite word and use it in your post any way you’d like. Enjoy!

My favorite word used to be anthropomorphism. I love how it rolls off the tongue and makes the person using it sound ‘smart’.
It is most certainly something we do, that is, attribute human emotions and tendencies to animals (sometimes inanimate objects or forces in Nature). And when it comes to the emotional lives of animals, it isn’t always a misguided view. If you’ve owned and loved a dog or cat, I know you’re ‘in tune’ with their capacity to love, worry, and miss others.
But recently I’ve been fascinated with the word consequences. I personally thought it meant ‘bad results’ but I have come to know it more precisely means any reactions or results of one’s actions or words. So, the consequence of being kind probably is receiving kindness from others and so on…
Today, I found out that the political Left publications, one being The Atlantic, are asking for something called “pandemic amnesty”. To paraphrase it, they’re saying, “Hey, we all did and said things we regret during the pandemic so let’s just all be friends and forget about it.”.
Um… I regret nothing and didn’t do anything to anyone but ask to retain my freedom and be left alone. The Left, and their malleable minions on the other hand, called people terrible names, infringed on their freedom, ruined their lives by shutting down businesses and firing people, even outwardly calling for “the unvaccinated” to be refused medical treatment and mobility, to be shunned and censored, even to be arrested. They (anyone who liked those ideas) want to, now, shrug and offer a handshake with the suggestion they were “just kidding”. I can’t imagine that’s going to work. LOL
When it comes to consequences, people who demanded that our free citizenry snap to full unquestioning compliance, dished out a boatload more than I ever thought possible in the U.S.A.
I personally hope that those arrogant people are about to reap some consequences at the ballot box on Tuesday.
As a consequence of having and sharing my own opinions, I’ve had more than a few good results. I’ve made new truly tolerant friends whom I don’t expect to completely agree with but enjoy on a more important level of mutual respect. We exist, people.
Just yesterday, though, I did something I know better than to do. I used written language trying to explain a complicated and controversial topic in few words. Ugh! I’ve regretted it since. My message (upon rereading) wasn’t clear, and it seemed condescending. I did not mean for that to happen. There are some topics that require face to face discussion or need to just be avoided. I hope I can learn that!
In my own defense, my problem comes from insatiable curiosity and an eagerness to exchange ideas. I feel like Johnney Five in the movie Short Circuit. I cannot seem to get enough “input”! And just now I realize that my ‘stream’ has come full circle.
Johnney Five (a robot) adopted anthropomorphic traits in the end.
Well, hopefully I learned from my mistakes last week. I can’t wait to make new ones this week! LOL
Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope your mistakes are few and all your consequences are the good kind!

10 thoughts on “SoCS 11-5-22- Outrage, Regret, and Input

  1. No one can make more fun out of a mistake than you; however, I have not decided to agree that you made a mistake. If you did, I didn’t know it. I didn’t know enough about the subject to ask a dumb question. 😀

    1. Well, I spoke from my heart and how it was received I really cannot control but being “condescending” isn’t in my nature. As for making fun of myself for making mistakes, luckily, I have a lot of material! LOL

  2. My thoughts are the same as yours on the pandemic questions, a lot of stupid stuff went flying around, as people overreacted. Hopefully those days won’t return. Fingers crossed.

  3. I’m not so forgiving, and I for damn sure am not willing to just kiss and make up. Do that, and they’ll pull the same crap again. Right around the time the whole coronavirus thing blew up, I had just finished Richard Brodie’s “Virus Of The Mind,” where he talked about memes (not the Grumpy Cat type) and how they are used to manipulate people, and within a month I started seeing evidence that the whole thing was a (pardon my French) mindfuck. The whole “wear a mask or you’ll kill your grandmother,” “shelter in place,” “social distance” thing was a baldfaced attempt to manipulate people, and it turned some people into little fascist dictators. And I don’t trust Anthony Fauci as far as I could throw his skinny little ass. A few people got very, very rich off this, and lives were destroyed. And now they just want to forget the whole thing? Hell no!

    Sorry for using your comment section as a soapbox. I’ll shut up now.

  4. If I previously had one level of respect for you, it significantly grew after reading your recent thoughts, Susan.
    Mutual respect, emphasis on mutual…having an open discussion where it isn’t prerequisite to emerge as a winner out of it…self evaluation and learning as a tool of development…when exactly all these became mythical unicorns, I do not know.

    The short circuits of writing communication are no strangers to me either. The absence of body language and the context it creates are the usual suspects. That being said, between good intentioned people an honest discussion clears the air.

    Have a uniquely nice Weekend, Susan.

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