Six Sentence Story- Natural Forces


Jim and Carlos had undertaken the grandest project of their lives with the goal of building the tallest structure EVER!

On the Brightside, they had secured all the materials needed and felt they had ample time to realize their shared dream.

The downside was their archrival Rachael who had quelled many construction projects simply with her imposing presence and zeal for having things her own way.

The two architects had paid special attention to the foundation; reinforcing it against any tremors that might arise on their carefully chosen site which they decided was the least prone to extreme natural forces that had proven catastrophic to their former projects.

When the moment arrived to cap off the tower’s final peak, Jim and Carlos raised their arms in celebration but simultaneously noticed a familiar rhythmic thumping beneath their feet causing their eyes to become saucers.

In the next split second their labor, hopes, and dreams vanished when they screamed, “RACHAEL!” and their 18-month-old baby sister took the whole thing down with one vicious kick.

34 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Natural Forces

  1. ha! While others have mentioned the surprise ending, I found myself caught up in an over-complicated assessment when I started. For whatever reason, I was well down the path of connecting this Six to something mythological, if not biblical.
    I repeat: ha! total surprise (and enjoyable) ending to your Six.

    Bonus: a reminder for myself, default to the simpler than the more…complicated explanation

    1. I’m delighted by your comment, Clark! Too fool and please you are most humbling accomplishments. Such are the lessons children offered me on a daily basis… simple and profoundly entertaining. Thanks very much!

  2. Well told description of those children, especially Rachel “with her imposing presence and zeal for having things her own way”. One of them should have been blocking her from getting to the building.

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