OLWG #280-What Happened?- Wrong Number

This week’s prompts are:

  1. rattlesnakes and firebugs
  2. she slipped away
  3. pieces of one another

    Wrong Number

    “Excuse me sir, you have the wrong number.”

    “I don’t care who ya are. I need hep gittin’ ’round these dang rattlesnakes ‘n’ firebugs an’ nobody else will listen.”

    “I don’t think you understand. This is a private residence, sir, and I’m located in Connecticut. We don’t have a rattlesnake or firebug problem here.”

    “Boy howdy! How’d ya tame all of ’em then? What’s your secret? These varmints … “

    With her potatoes boiling dry on her stove, she slipped away and shut them off as the stranger ranted on yet returned hearing his last question because of an empathy she’d immediately felt from his desperate tone.

    “… once they were gone. So, lady you’re gonna have ta hep me now, ya see?”

    “Mister, are you alone?”

    “Ain’t cha bin listenin’? It was Doris, Chris, ‘n’ me ’til July, once they were gone, I’ve only got the wee pieces of one another left over. Now it’s me agin them rattlesnakes and firebugs ‘n’ they’re hungry!”

    She thought, “Hmm… he must be a Morman. Poor man is all alone and grieving two losses. No wonder he’s a bit desperate and confused.”

    “I’m sorry for your loss, sir, but how could I possibly help?”

    “Send me more rats jus’ like Doris ‘n’ Chris so I can raise me more snake food and have your people come clean up all them leavings layin’ ’round so I can git rid of them pesky bugs! Do you take Visa or Mastercard? … Hello?”.


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