Reena’s Xploration Challenge #251- See You on the Flipside

The word prompt for this week is

Jamais Vu

It is the opposite of Deja Vu.

Aqua: Beautiful hyperrealistic paintings of bathing women by Reisha Perlmutter

She’d nearly drowned, or so her mother had told her, and now she was parked outside of her “home”.
Cloris had no memory of the event that had hospitalized her for a month. She was assured that not remembering traumatic experiences was completely normal. It was the way the mind protects itself. This memory void would definitely take getting used to.
Mama led her through the front door, and she stumbled almost falling flat on her face.

“Oh! You forgot to step down. Are you okay dear?”

“Step down? Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Daddy thought he was being artful when he created that dropdown entryway last year. Now, I have to warn anyone who doesn’t expect it! There’ll come a time we’re sued, and then I’ll get a BIG ‘I told ya so!’ moment, for sure.”

A marmalade-colored cat suddenly rushed at Cloris weaving itself in and out of her legs purring loudly.

“Thomas missed you so much, Honey. See how much weight he’s lost?”

“Um… he looks okay to me.” Cloris always loved cats, but Thomas? She didn’t know any cat named Thomas. Now things were getting creepy! She decided not to let Mama know just yet and added, “He seems happy now. Poor baby. Mama, I’m tired. Think I’ll take a nap, Okay?”

“Sure sweetie. Go on up to your room and I’ll call when supper’s ready.”

Luckly the stairway stood out directly to her left, because Cloris’ instincts told her it was on the right. She rushed up them quickly finding her room also in a mirror image opposite place from where she had known it.
She quietly latched the door and leaned against it with her eyes closed. When she opened them again, she whispered ‘jamais vu’, this is jamais vu! I’ve read about it.

It was then that she pulled her science fiction books down from her bookshelf looking for the last book she’d read. Cloris was sure she’d learned the term there.

Her rummaging became frantic as she searched for a book still showing her handmade kitty design bookmark. This would be the last book she’d read and the one that would explain what’s going on!

“There! There it is!”

Cloris grabbed it and as she read the jacket, she fainted dead away crashing to the floor.


Do alternate universes exist?
Goldie didn’t think so until she found herself struggling with ‘jamais vu’ and discovered she was WRONG!

13 thoughts on “Reena’s Xploration Challenge #251- See You on the Flipside

    1. I’m not sure whether she has a problem with acclamation or if she’s being ‘gaslighted’ and other worldly forces are at work. She’s my own character and even I want to know what’s going on! 🤣

    1. I was afraid of that. It was supposed to confuse the reader a bit. I wanted us to wonder what was going on then come to the realization we were realize we were dealing with a delusion mind. Thank you.

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