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E.M.’s RWP- #238 conscientious- When Clueless Goes Country

Dana stepped with an enthusiastic hop across the threshold of her new boutique. Bringing some big city flavor to the ‘rubes’ was an exciting venture.
The innovative idea was directly inspired by her great-grandmother who delightedly clapped when Dana had shown off her newest creations. Granny’s country roots obviously approved.

The boutique’s remote rural setting was stereotypically quaint. Ancient trees lined the Main Street location. For a town of only 6,500 residents, the shopping district was delightfully busy.
In her conscientious fashion, Dana displayed her ‘plainer’, more subtle, designs in the window saving the ‘good stuff’, with the most rhinestones, faux leather fringes, and multi-colored feathers, along the back wall.
Dana mused as she dressed a window manikin,
“We wouldn’t want to drive them off from culture shock, would we, Tiffany?”

The first few days were a BIG disappointment enticing only window shoppers who all turned away quickly as if assaulted by a bad odor. But, on the 5th day, at the same moment Dana had decided to ‘call it quits’, a large woman dressed in an obviously homemade gingham jumper dragged a spindle of a man by his collar through the entrance.
“Harley! This is the place I’ve been talkin’ about.”
Harley’s head rose above his stretched-out collar in a turtle-like maneuver, then he strolled back and forth making his way toward the back.

Dana didn’t want to appear too anxious; she knew that country people took longer to comprehend everything, so she quietly shadowed the couple.
“This is going to finally ‘break the ice’!” Dana thought as she pumped her fist.

When the prospective customers got to the back wall’s display, the ample woman folded her arms and bellowed, “THERE, look there you old fool! I told ya this is where our missing strongbox and livestock went!”.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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