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Haibun Monday: Look up!- An Imagined Storm

Today I want you to write about a time you looked up and saw. . .something. If nothing comes to mind, then look up now. What do you see? Write a haibun about it.

Out of nowhere, an extremely close clap of thunder shook my bones. It was the kind that crackled as it dissipated.
Four pairs of bewildered, less than 5-year-old, eyes looked up examining my face for my reaction. Keenly aware of my role as an interpreter and guardian, I smiled and said, “Whoa guy! What do you think those angels dropped this time?”.
A cacophony, almost as intense as the thunder, surrounded me with suggestions:
“A bowling ball!”
“I think it’s a statue that gots tipped over!”
“It’s a bookcase one of them was climbing on! I heard papers falling like when I did that!”
“Oh no it’s not. It sounds just like my Daddy’s hammer smashing a window when Mommy locks him out!”
Luckily, not a moment later, a series of quick flashes changed the subject until the same child, who was just exposing sensitive family business, spoke again,
“Yep. I was right! There’s Mommy’s shooting our fireworks back at Daddy!”

Seedlings grow on a promise
Spring’s hopeful bounty
Fated to weather some storms

[The fireworks and hammer are fictitious but the reaction of children when startled and their humorous tendency to expose and embellish stories about their parents during my family daycare years, are quite true.]


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

28 thoughts on “Haibun Monday: Look up!- An Imagined Storm

  1. This was startling, but an engaging write Susan. Kids certainly say, and disclose, the darndest things. 🙂

  2. This is beautifully written. I love the way adult modeling determines childish outcomes. How quickly reality become more reality than we sometimes want to know. Well done.

      1. I have another blog in hiatus. It’s called All Dumb Peas: Does it look like my hands are busy?
        It’s a day care memoir. I’ll have to bring it back now that I’m officially retired. Thanks.

  3. Beautifully done and very engaging, Susan. I can imagine the stories are close to reality, and that you handled situations beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

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