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Six Sentence Story- A Bit of a Backfire


The ‘word of the day’ was ‘confetti‘.

Ms. Benedetti had taught first grade for just two years and with all her modern fresh-out-of-university techniques, the one she implemented from her own early schooling, created the most enthusiasm.

The kids loved the comical sound of this particular new word and used it in entertaining ways throughout the day.

When someone accidentally dumped the classroom pencil sharpener all over the carpet, the whole class rose to their feet shouting “CONFETTI!”

At recess, when springtime breezes rained crabapple blossoms above the playground, this young teacher’s class danced in a circle shouting “Confetti!” while waving their arms.

Just before dismissal, Ms. Benedetti often inspected the children’s desks for tidiness (something also left over from her own ancient school experience) but today, she was about to be lampooned because when she leaned over one child a shout rang directly in her ear, “I see Ms. Benedetti confetti!” and that child was pointing to dandruff all over her sweater.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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