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E.M.’s RWP~#153 Largesse- Humble are the Homeless

Today’s Random Word is largesse.

Until last year, Tony wasn’t known for his largesse; he’d once been totally broke and homeless.
But today, helpless cries led him to a dumpster behind the laundromat where he swept up three abandoned kittens with flushed cheeks from anger and disgust. He’d vowed never to hesitate to help care for anyone homeless and kittens also counted.
At his home, minutes later, the three precious little creatures were greeted by a clowder of roommates.
“And three makes lucky thirteen.” murmured Tony with a grin.
His two-room apartment occupied the whole basement of a 4-story building. It was quite expansive, and cozy, with nary an unhappy resident. It was well furnished and tidy too.
First, Tony busied himself with fresh towels and a large plastic milk crate creating a cozy spot for Curley, Larry and Moe, while the others just furiously swished their tails in anticipation of mealtime. Only the frightened, desperate, mews of the newbies could be heard.
Tony hung his wear-worn coat on a nail near the entrance and rustled ten cans from one of many, overstuffed duffel bags along the wall.
Now, the air filled with anticipatory yowls and purrs. Each cat waited its turn and knew its place. A scene not often realized even in single cat homes! The formerly homeless highly value routine, order, and safety.
One by one, they lined up along the feeding station and ate their fill. Each then went to the farthest corner, in a partitioned furnace room, and relieved himself or herself in the well-maintained exceptionally clean boxes. They then found their favorite spot on a number of sofas, for a thorough contented tongue washing.

Tony warmed some special ‘kitty milk’ formula and easily encouraged his ‘Stooges’ to lap some supper. He’d call the vet tomorrow for a proper check-up, a neutering schedule, and a chance for a loving adoption.
Then he sat in his, somewhat disheveled recliner and opened a bottle of wine to go with his dinner salad.
Before he settled into bed, he removed and folded his clothing and placed his wallet on a dresser after extracting a large wad of cash and placing it in a sock he’d stash under his pillow.
A rap at the door interrupted his evening ritual. Donning a tattered robe, Tony opened the door and accepted a delivery of two bags of kitty litter, a cat toy, and 24 cans of cat food from his tenant on the 4th floor. It was the price he had set for a month’s rent. It was the same charge for each formerly homeless family in all six buildings he had purchased when he had won the lottery a year ago.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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