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Fandango’s One Word Challenge- Standard

Nihilism is the truth for those who don’t acknowledge truth exists.
Atheism is the religious belief held by those who don’t believe in religion.
Relativism is the standard held by those who say there are no standards.
One thing is certain. Paradoxes are real.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

16 thoughts on “Fandango’s One Word Challenge- Standard

    1. To reject something, you need to entertain its existence. Atheists organize, get offended and defend their ‘belief’, and some are zealous. No difference from those who adopt religion there.The opposite of religion is being agnostic. The refusal to argue a point on a spiritual topic. Atheism is a religious position. 😉

      1. At the risk of expressing an opposing opinion, atheism is not a belief system nor is it a religion. To put it in perspective, if atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby.

      2. When one is not collecting stamps yet still shows up in the discussion groups, at the conventions, and participates in the conversation of the value of stamp collecting, they are still part of the “stamp collecting” community and a participant in the hobby. To ignore stamp collecting or not care to engage with hobbyists on the topic, would be the absence of that hobby.
        Since stamp collecting is a poor example, because it’s hands-on rather than thought and opinion based, a better example would be the idea of apolitical as opposed to political.
        An apolitical person is the opposite of a political person. The apolitical don’t care about politics and don’t have any opinions on politics. But political people can have directly opposing views about what correct political attitudes are, yet by being part of the discussion, both ARE political. Like I said, not caring about religion is the opposite of religion, having a definitive position on it, is being religious. Or if you prefer, an atheist has his/her own faith on the God question. 😉

      3. “…an atheist has his/her own faith on the God question.” That’s not correct. An atheist does not have any God question because, to an atheist, God does not exist.

        The basic elements of almost any religion include belief in a supernatural power, our adjustment to that supernatural power, certain acts defined as being sinful, a method for salvation, acceptance of sacred objects, rituals and ceremonies, dogma, procedures for worship, and a place for worship. Only those who attempt to defend all of these elements claim that atheism is a religion, but atheism has none of that. Atheism is individualized, not organized.

        But hey, Susan, if you want to call atheism a religion, you’re free to express your opinion. You know, whatever floats your boat.

      4. Sorry that you’re unable to understand that having a settled opinion about God is a religious conclusion/belief. It’s pretty straightforward. Whatever floats your boat, friend.

      5. And I’m sorry that you’re unable to understand that having a settled opinion about something, including the existence of a supernatural being (i.e., God), does not a religion make.

      6. You are conflating religion and a religious belief. That happens.
        Like I described, once you weigh in on politics, you are being political. You don’t have to be a part of a party, wear a pin, or go to a convention to be political same goes for the examination of the notion of a God, it is a religious endeavor no matter the conclusion.
        If you don’t think atheists have organized, you haven’t been paying attention. That doesn’t absurdly mean all have organized any more than all ‘believers’ are assumed to gather. They don’t. The strength of the non-belief, for some, is as strong, and unifying, as the belief in God is for others. It’s easiest to witness when an atheist feels the need to defend his ‘belief’ as a position worth defending and/or expresses an intolerance for those who think differently. I don’t like it when anyone does that, but it happens.
        There are some who have liked my post and apparently understood what it meant. God bless. 😉

      7. “Conflate” must be your favorite word, Susan. You are constantly accusing me of conflating things when it suits your narrative. Being an atheist is not a religious endeavor in any sense. It’s just the opposite. It lacks all of the trappings of religion. I have nothing against religious people or spiritual people or religion in general, as long as such people or religions are not trying to foist their beliefs upon me, either socially or legislatively.

        Yes, there are some small atheist organizations, but the only commonality is that atheists don’t believe that God exists. There are no artifacts, no dogma, no rituals, nothing that equates atheism to religion. I don’t go to services with other atheists or worship with other atheist. I don’t belong to or subscribe to ANY religion and there is no way you can persuade me that atheism is a religion, so you might as well quit trying.

        I’m glad that some people have liked your post. Birds of a feather, as they say.

      8. Conflate is the word of the day. Guess you didn’t get the memo.🤣
        We’re obviously talking past each other and I didn’t say atheism is a religion. But whatever.
        When I thought more on this topic it occurred to me that atheists are more singly on the same page. There are countless and diverse peoples who believe in intelligent design but address it in a myriad of ways. They can’t even decide on the same intelligent being. So kudos to atheists. Worshiping together isn’t a dogma of all who ‘believe’ and doesn’t define a religious belief, but okay. You can pick what the definition is.
        How does one foist? Do they need to hide so you don’t know?
        I can only speak for me, but no one offends or changes me if I don’t give them the power to.
        Inquiring minds want to know.
        Who are those people? I’d probably avoid them too.

      9. To quote you, “Atheism is the religious belief held by those who don’t believe in religion,” which is pretty much like saying that atheism is a religion. Or am I conflating again? 😉

        As to atheist being more singly on the same page, that’s because there is only one single tenet of atheism: that God does not exist.

        Foist: pass legislation that favors Christianity, being told that if I don’t embrace Jesus as my savior I can’t be saved and I’m going to spend an eternity burning in hell, that I can’t be a moral person, that I can’t know good from evil. I have heard all that and more so many times that I can’t just let it roll off my back anymore. It offends me that people feel the need to proselytize and to attempt to concert me. Why can’t everyone just let others do their own thing. I certainly don’t go around trying to persuade others to become atheists, but so many Christians seem to think it’s their mission to convert everyone else to Christianity. And this crap has been going on ever since Christianity became a thing.

        Sorry, I’m getting a little heated, but for the three percent or so of Americans who admit to being atheists, just leave us be.

      10. No problem… we all have our own peeve issues.
        People actually said “if I don’t embrace Jesus as my savior I can’t be saved and I’m going to spend an eternity burning in hell, that I can’t be a moral person, that I can’t know good from evil. , ” ? That’s horrible! Was it one person or many or a politician?
        What provision favors Christianity as opposed to all good people? I don’t understand how they don’t already overlap.
        Nobody addressed you personally in my post unless you solely identify as an atheist. (Are you not a father, veteran, neighbor, son, taxpayer, American, etc.too?) If bad things happened to you from people who are Christian, perhaps they are also other things including a$$holes. Sorry you feel judged or persecuted but I don’t understand why you care what terrible people say?
        I also don’t understand the instinct to blame any group for the wrongs of some of its members, either. You speak about Christians like you do Republicans and people who are unvaccinated. Guess the group blaming dynamic is strong in you. I won’t bother you anymore, we’re too different. I’d bet you and I would even argue about the definition of ‘tolerance’.
        Don’t worry about me judging other atheists by you (even though you feel you speak for all of them). They’re individuals and good people to me too. BTW…I didn’t see any inclination or evidence about people are trying to convert you. Best wishes.

      11. I never claimed to speak for anyone other than myself, certainly not for all atheists much less any other atheists. As to evidence of people trying to convert me, you don’t see any evidence because I’m sure no one has ever tried to convert you to something you are not. And I don’t blame or bear ill-will to all Christians in general for anything. Only to those who wish to impose their Christian beliefs on others, something I’m sure you’ve never experienced, Susan.

  1. Everyone seems to have an opinion about life and existance. I think we would do better to listen and dialogue rather than spout the “righteousness” of our belief! You spelled it out very well.

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