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Sunday Poser #72- Defending the Good

This week my question is;

What are your views about patriotismnationalism?

I think there’s been a tragic effort to propose that nationalism (supported by patriotism) is bad and selfish. To that response, I say, “You’ve got to be kidding.”
We only need to review the importance of family to realize that our needs, and ultimate survival, reside in a prioritizing of our own interests. To those who say that their hearts belong to everyone equally, I ask, “If the local elementary school were on fire, and your own children were inside, what is your primary mission when rushing in?”. This does not mean you would not assist anyone else along the way but (if you’re honest with yourself) you know finding your kids is at the forefront. It’s natural, it’s also okay. Taking immediate care of ‘our own’ is the best we humans can do. You can’t seriously believe single human beings can save the whole world but we each can impact the world only if we survive. Compassion and aid to others isn’t ‘off the table’ but priorities are necessary.
I often wonder if people, who expect us (we Americans) to give and fight without an interest in preventing our own decline, have considered a world without a generous and innovative country such as ours? Who’ll save the environment, promote freedom, create lifesaving medicine and technology, etc.? Without wealth, how can we aid others? Destroying ourselves would actually be the most selfish of outcomes. No, we’re not perfect but we’re good. Pretending that we aren’t is the surest way to destroy us. I’m not convinced those who suggest we have no important value, worth preserving, aren’t the ones who want us to fail for their own selfish reasons?
I’ve often heard that we women have a responsibility to ‘take care of ourselves’ for the good of the whole family. How is nationalism any different?
God Bless America!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #72- Defending the Good

  1. I too am not a fan of those who would strive to make us feel bad about ourselves. Of course there is room for improvement! I think it’s patriotic to want to do better, while at the same time taking care of our own, as you say 🙂

  2. Your points are so valid and you have stated them so well. I am so glad to have you in my blogging community of people. Always love your comments. Hope this first day of Spring is great where you are. Blessings.

    1. Dear Oneta,
      Your comment warmed my heart. I am often inspired by your words too. You are equally regarded.
      It’s damp and muddy here with a drizzle. It couldn’t possibly more spring-like. Blessings to you too!

  3. I think that it’s good to be proud of your country, of your nationality. My question is not only about Americans. It’s about how people with power or delusions of power are oppressing others in name of patriotism. Like Putin is doing. I can site many examples where the powerful is usurping the rights of the weak in the name of patriotism.

    1. Well Sadje, you answered your own question when you said, ‘in the name of patriotism’. That’s not the meaning of patriotism even though corrupt people are calling it patriotism. Many people do things ‘in the name of’ other things. I certainly wouldn’t consider all Muslims terrorists just because some terrorists are saying it’s ‘in the name of ‘ Islam. That’s how the progressives are able to distort reality. They change our language to undermine Truth. 😉

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