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SoCS Saturday- 3/12/22- Diabolical Destruction

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trip.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

This morning we’re getting a snowstorm. I’ve been listening to newsy interviews and podcasts which have oddly not been on the war in Ukraine. There are apparently other topics out there. Who knew?
When I saw the prompt word “trip” moments ago, my morning investigating topics- that are increasingly unbelievable-moved my mind to my formative years in the 1960s. A “trip”, then, was often a reference to a drug-induced bizarre reality. There’s a major frightening difference between the bizarre experiences in the 60s and now. The bizarre takes up space in real “reality” now. 1984 has arrived.
The mental patients are officially in charge of the asylum.
Our leadership in the U.S. have passed beyond incompetence into the realm of actively doing everything to destroy the country. My opinion comes from me asking myself, “What would I do if I wanted to destroy this country?”. Well, exactly everything that is being done right now.
I’d open our border to anyone and everyone. That way, the value of U.S. citizenship could be destroyed quickly. Overwhelming healthcare systems, schools, and law enforcement with a flood of people who do not speak the language, know the culture (or even feel the need to assimilate), and who initially become an instant financial drain, is a diabolical starting point. There’s more, like drugs, human traffickers, and terrorists among them but I’m trying to be brief.
Next, shut down the most important driver of the economy… the energy sector. Bam! I’m on a roll!
Then I’d bankrupt the country. Increasing inflation (by double plus) by printing too much money and impeding the supply chains? Bwah-ha-ha!
Yeah! Then I’d spend the taxpayers’ money to expand my own power and waste much of it too, just so I look busy.
The final blow would come from the infiltration of the educational system, media, and financial powerhouses. Propaganda, baby! The tool of every government that has worked against its own people since the beginning of time. Kids will hate their country and refuse to fight for it, adults will keep being distracted by crises, that I inspire, and everyone will be confused and afraid to the point of giving up the country’s Constitution (which really ties my hands). Finally, I’ll convince everyone they are each other’s enemy. “A house divided against itself cannot stand” right? You’ve probably heard about anti-vaxxers, white supremacists, insurrectionists, and? DEPLORABLES!
That would be me! I’d do that!
This is so sadly simplified and incomplete, but I’m tired, and you probably are too. 😉


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

12 thoughts on “SoCS Saturday- 3/12/22- Diabolical Destruction

  1. You are so right. Far too many angles to just be a coincidence. So somebody is planning our destruction. I hope it is God. The destruction might come, but it would be controlled. As things are now, everything is out of control!

  2. In a way, our problems come from division. At the same time, though, some of the most destructive activities have been a matter of agreement (such as between parties… like the removal of rules for and the printing of money to give to rich “people” or corporations and banks). Of course, it’s been planned by the most powerful (who did their best or darnedests to begin convincing us our government is bad as soon as it was supposed to be for everybody).

    1. The border could be secured. Energy independence could be encouraged.
      Free speech could be supported.
      Those who don’t want those things or discourage those things with government leverage, are bad guys.

      1. I think we actually really could have energy independence, a hundred percent. I think it’s not a priority, and mostly because government is poo-pooed. We’ve got a lot of oil and gas and ways to use renewable energy. But the big cahunas are companies, and the biggest ones at that; the resources go wherever they want for their own purposes mainly. I do think that’s pretty bad. I’ll leave it at that, because not being too simplistic would be too long overall as you indicated.

      2. You’re blaming the wrong people, I’m afraid. We were energy independent and a net exporter of energy before January 2021. 😉
        PS… renewable energy hasn’t matured enough to be relied upon.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself… I also believe that this country has been taken over by those who would like to see it destroyed. I truly wonder who’s actually running things.

      1. Notice that Biden issued executive orders essentially undoing all that Trump had done, within the first two weeks of his presidency? You have to know that those were written long in advance of him taking office. I don’t think Joe can remember to drop his pants before going to the bathroom without someone reminding him. What they’re doing to him is practically elder abuse.

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