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SoCS Saturday 2/19/22- Whatever

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “whatever.” Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!

Whatever you think about the word “whatever”, it is a powerful shapeshifter according to the circumstances when it’s used.
‘Whatever’ is a belligerent term packaged as casual and non-confrontational. But when a teenager uses it, the recipient is being told to politely “shut up” or it’s the useful ‘last word’ in a parental argument which is always required by any self-respecting adolescent.
However, when an adult uses it to end a discussion, it carries many more meanings. The recipient of the term can usually figure out which derogatory is meant and they are not flattering.
‘Whatever’ is oft spoken when the user has become uncomfortable or uninterested in a topic. This means “I’m done.”. But, ‘whatever’ sometimes mean you’re not making sense, or worse, you’re too ignorant to continue speaking with. At its most condescending, ‘whatever’ means your feelings/thoughts are of no interest at all so tell it to someone who cares.
Besides teenagers, who can’t help but be irritating, adults who use the term can easily be defined as ‘unfriendly’, ‘ignorant’, ‘disinterested’, or ‘cowards’.
The best use of the term is when we apply it to ourselves. Then, and only then, is it a positive expression.
If your husband trims off your early spring tulips while mowing the lawn, ‘whatever’ is probably the best attitude since ‘what’s done is done’.
So, when teens say ‘whatever’ it’s a “smartass” term.
When adults engaged in conversation say it, it’s a “rude” term.
When you say it to yourself, it’s an effort to stay “calm”.
BUT there are some people who should refrain from using it altogether!
Here’s a short list:
Pilots while speaking to passengers during turbulence.
Surgeons operating on semi-conscious patients.
Military officers in the heat of battle.
And women in response to marriage proposals.

Have a great Saturday, or whatever. 😉


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “SoCS Saturday 2/19/22- Whatever

  1. In response to marriage proposals 🤣. Agreed that “whatever” can be a good attitude to deal with life’s stresses. I wish I could adopt it!

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