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RDP Friday-Waxy- 2/18/22 -Always Buy Locally

Welcome to RDP Friday- I’ve chosen a soft and simple word for you to have fun with-

Today’s RDP is  WAXY.

The candle vendor at the Farmer’s Market gave off odd ‘vibes’. She smiled too much, and her words were ‘waxy’ and insincere.

“These candles were made in my own kitchen by my grandmother.”

“They are lovely. Those pressed flowers decorating those jars, did you collect them yourself?”

“Oh, my grandchildren collected each one! It’s important to give children chores, don’t you agree?”


“We have goat milk soaps across the way at my daughter’s table too. They’re going fast! We didn’t raise the price even though inflation is after us all. What a terrible state of affairs. Don’t you agree?”


“I have some ideas to change horrible policies in our schools and bring back prosperity to our town. Here’s my card, I’m running for the Planning and Zoning Board. We need new ideas, don’t you agree?”

Now her mannequin appearance and speech all made sense! She was a politician. She went on to tell me that she’d moved her family from the Capital City hoping to enact changes in ‘backward’ areas.
Ugh! I knew I smelled a condescending ‘Progressive Cancer’ carrier. Our town was becoming overrun with them these days.

After accepting her card and purchasing a pricy candle, I returned to my car. When I laid the candle on the seat, I noticed a tiny label. It read, Product of China.
I tossed the business card immediately in my trash and all I could do was sigh.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

3 thoughts on “RDP Friday-Waxy- 2/18/22 -Always Buy Locally

    1. The virtuous don’t but blunt truth can be used against them as harsh or mean. That gets people who just read headlines against them. Notice that it works? How many virtuous people do you know who were elected? 😡😭

      1. Well, it seems that if they were virtuous when elected, they get caught up in the corruption and become corrupt themselves. Sheeple following sheeple leads to ongoing disasters. 😠

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