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Prosery Valentine- d’Verse Poets Pub- Love Cuts

Write a piece of prose that incorporates the given set of words and they have to come in exactly the order given, but you may break it up with punctuation.

The maximum number of words is 144 (which is a gross) including the given line. Many try to hit that mark exactly, but it’s not mandatory.
It is a moon wrapped in brown paper

See the source image

As I looked on, the butcher wrapped the raw heart in waxed paper… then into a brown paper bag. There was more than the usual blood about, so the burly man grabbed a mop and scoured the area under furious pressure.
He growled through clenched teeth,
“I promised you the moon, Gladys? It is a moon wrapped in brown paper, now!
Tell me again how you should have given your heart to that sailor, Darling.
What? At a loss for words once in your life! TELL ME!”

All I could do was watch.

The butcher tossed his tools in a closet then scrubbed his crimson hands.

I raced toward the bright-lighted exit as the room got all fuzzy, then heard the slamming freezer and my husband screaming.

Gladys!!! How ’bout I give ‘sailor boy’ YOUR damn cold frozen heart on-Valentine’s Day?! He’ll love THAT!”



I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

29 thoughts on “Prosery Valentine- d’Verse Poets Pub- Love Cuts

  1. Ye gods……! Such a sweet valentine’s tale…! Sooo dark dark dark and butchery! Highly entertaining too! Well done…if rather soaked in blood….

  2. wowza! I read this last night, was pretty sure I’d commented, but, ummm…I guess not.
    This is marvelously icky, cold-blooded grisly work that moves right along to a really cool ending. J.E.A.L.O.U.S!

  3. Yikes! I think she needs to leave there right away!

    In some 18th court records, I found a butcher named Simon Gore. I can’t remember what the case was about, but I can’t forget that name, and your story reminded me.

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