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Quadrille #145- d’Verse Poets Pub- Watch Out for Gribbles

 Add the word or form of the word, nibble to your poem of 44 words, not including the title.

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Freedom’s eaten neither by gluttonous grabs,
Nor in mouthfuls,
But in nibbles.
Prosperity sinks neither by tsunami waves.
Nor in waterfalls,
But in dribbles.
Peace dies neither by storming troops,
Nor in conflicts,
But from quibbles.
All mighty timbers must watch out for gribbles.

(44 words)

gribble (NOUN)

  1. a small marine isopod that bores into submerged wooden structures, often causing damage to pier timbers.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

30 thoughts on “Quadrille #145- d’Verse Poets Pub- Watch Out for Gribbles

  1. Nice jaunt to seriously good poem, Susan.
    I can see the gribble (almost wish I couldn’t). Thanks for a cool quad.

  2. The rhyming words on their own look so innocuous – this poem is a clever construct, Susan.

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