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Sunday Poser #64-Feeling Uncomfortable

This is an excellent question posed by Sadje.
I hadn’t actually deeply considered this as I usually greet people on their own terms. But there are people who gain favor in my eyes quickly by doing some simple things.
1. I find making eye contact especially appealing. The eyes, after all, are the “windows to the soul”.
2. Someone who is quick to smile is always endearing.
3. People who discuss ideas rather than gossip or complaints, are my favorite types.
4. A healthy sarcastic sense of humor just seals the deal for me.
I know this kinda turns the topic on its head but, like I said, I’m not fond of complaining. 😉


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #64-Feeling Uncomfortable

  1. Great response Susan. The reverse of what you like would be true for what’s not too your liking. Love your positive attitude. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Sadje. You’re very kind.
      Just to be a bit philosophic… I don’t believe the opposite of liking traits in people is disliking traits in people. I think it’s closer to not caring what people do.
      (Just thought I’d offer that thought. 😊)

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