d’Verse Quadrille #143: Muse Cues

A Conscious Wisp of Vapor

An ethereal thing
Scraps of moments floating
about one’s mind.
Waiting… Wandering
until a muse sparks them
to intertwine and spawn
primordial poetic flames.
This timeless game she savors,
To birth something unusual.
A conscious wisp of vapor
from a snuffed candle.

27 thoughts on “d’Verse Quadrille #143: Muse Cues

  1. De Jackson

    I love the idea of the muse “spawning” something. 😉 For some reason, for me that conjures visuals of tadpole to pollywog, to frog. The whole process. Love that.

  2. fireblossom32

    I like the metaphor you chose, of the candle, very much. (And I just *had to* click on a name like sillyfrog!)

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