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Six Sentence Story- Bigger than We


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Why is life unfair?

A savior born this month (according to tradition) was an emissary of Peace and Hope in a natural world where there’s a battle between Good and Evil.

Human beings equally require shadow and light to discern one from the other and worldwide nearly half of humankind survives on less than $6.00 a day so poverty is a default condition for most people.

Nature is both beautiful and cruel and worldly survival is built of both.

Accepting that there’s a place without those struggles is called ‘faith’ and living purposefully to improve human existence (one person at a time) is life.

Doing our best, through generosity and forgiveness, seems a fair use of our worldly lives once we realize we’re not ‘in charge’.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

22 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Bigger than We

  1. Accepting that there’s a place without those struggles is called ‘faith’ and living purposefully to improve human existence (one person at a time) is life.

    It sums up a life’s philosophy.

    1. Decent people are everywhere. They must not be ashamed to remain decent. Those seeking to destroy a society need to first frighten people into inaction. It’s harder than many despicable people thought, to dampen the American spirit!

  2. Such is life, Susan, and all too clear when like me, you live in the most unequal society in the world. You’ve summed up the situation well.

    1. Dear Chris,
      I fear you’ve succumbed to media propaganda.
      First, the U.S. is the most desired place for refugees and immigrants. Perhaps, they haven’t gotten the same memo?
      Generosity abounds here and ‘racism’ and “white supremacy” (undefined complaints) are as sparce as hen’s teeth. We help each other without considering race, religion, or wealth. Opportunity abounds when our citizens have their independent ability for making ‘good choices’ and following the ‘rule of law’. There are corrupt leaders and bureaucrats who intend to divide us and ignore our core principles. Our media has become extensions of the ‘war’ on our country from within. They won’t win.
      Helping each other ‘one person at a time’ will be their undoing.
      Most of us are resisting the ‘one size fits all’ push toward socialism. Equal opportunity has kept us a great united nation. Equal outcomes is Marxism. People (Governments) should not ever be creating manmade societies. Those who have, ultimately, oppress those who don’t. This ALWAYS happens.
      Government in the U.S. was created to protect our natural rights. Over 60+ years, our Constitution has been whittled away. Thankfully, it isn’t gone yet.
      WE speak up. we worship, we help each other, and we’ll prevail.
      I guess the millions of migrants know more about our beauty known as FREEDOM than you.
      Our current crisis is a dishonest political system that sees their ‘raping’ of our culture (for power and wealth) coming to an end. They are evil selfish people who have decided to destroy us.
      Better days ahead my friend. Our sleeping Giant of patriots has awakened. God bless your situation.
      Our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the HOPE other countries aren’t guaranteed. We’ve survived many difficult times. Our flag will still wave once our internal cancer is defeated. ❤
      Merry Christmas from across the pond! ❤

  3. yow!
    Nicely done.
    Unfortunately, (in part), all too true, yet (your Six) is not without hope and encouragement.
    Faith, imo, is one of the magics that can be practiced into existence.

    (Really liked the ‘rhythm’ of this Six… one of those ‘How did she do that?’ kinda things)

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