Friday Fictioneers 10-1-21~ Critical Surroundings

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Upon exiting the pitch-black darkened forest, an odd edifice leapt into our view.
A welcomed reprieve, was the fading daylight, from our haunted disoriented wandering. It felt like the relief from removing of a blindfold.
The vacant manicured grounds shouted, “TRESSPASSERS!”.
Desperate to get back to camp, we left a note, and borrowed a small rowboat docked on the lake beyond.
The boat complained, “THIEVES!”
The lights of the campground grew brighter as we approached the opposite shore.
We looked at each other feeling foolish about forgetting our flashlights.
At last, the full moon rose and uttered, “Follow me, MORONS!”.

(100 words)

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48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 10-1-21~ Critical Surroundings

  1. Oh lawdy! There is no feeling like being alone in wilderness after dark with no source of light (nor the other nine essentials). And yes, everything talks to you and all the eyes can see you. Fool, indeed. Well done!

  2. Susan,
    “An odd edifice,” huh? These really are lost souls. No wonder their consciences are screaming overtime! 😅 You really capture the sense of reprieve though, of coming out of oppressive darkness into light. Knowing you’re safe again.

  3. Well, seeing that I very often talk TO inanimate objects (and Luna, who may well NOT be inanimate, seeing how she likes to play tug with the tides …), it makes sense to me that they’d, at last, sometimes, reply … 😉

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