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d’Verse Poets Pub- When’s Your Birthday? April 11th

Choose at least one #1 hit (on your birthday) and include it, using the exact wording of the song’s title, in your poem. Be sure to credit the song(s) and artist(s) at the end of your poem. You may or may not choose to share the year of the song….but do share the date!

Ever since I was a little kid,
I’ve been hooked on a feeling
That Nature is proof of God.

I spent countless hours
Watching the sky, sniffing, and listening.
Relishing all my senses.

I came to, now, know,
Nature answers the questions
That God wants us to ask.

Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede was #1 for only one week in 1974 encompassing my 18th birthday on April 11th.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

26 thoughts on “d’Verse Poets Pub- When’s Your Birthday? April 11th

  1. So lovely, Susan. Your words moved me no end: nature is as strong a witness to God as any could wish for.

  2. I love nature! I spent 35 years of my adult life hiking the Old Growth forests, and fishing the pristine streams and lakes of the Oregon Cascade Mountain wilderness, and trekking the cliffs of the magnificent Oregon Coast. My health and body have failed at 74, so I do not get to do that anymore. What I felt every time I was deep in the wilderness was the power and majesty of the natural world. I never felt the need or pull to attach some idea I might conjure as a diety to it. I find it far more powerful, magnificent, complex, and mysterious than to simplify the wonder by saying — god. Because when you do that, one question that arises is — what is god, which god, whose god?
    The incredible miracle that is the world, and the solar system, and the universe, and the infinite other universes, is way beyond any human construct we humans would like to comfortably compartmentalize as — god. Nature is not proof of a god thing, it is merely proof of human inability to ever have a valid understanding of the cosmos, of the infinite unknowable. That concept of god has much more to to do with human insecurity and comfort than it does to any truth or description or explanation we limited finite beings could ever come to comprehend or ever try to “name”. It is an inconceivable wonder, an infinite complexity, so I say, just let it be such — and be in awe. Anyway, that is my humble opinion. Well written though silly frog! 🙂

    1. I love your comment! I embrace the depth, wonder, and beauty of loving Nature.
      The fact that you see the Natural World as a miracle- a complex perfection incomprehensible to humans-puts us in the same sphere. It seems an intelligent design, no accident (at least from my puny viewpoint).
      What we call it is of no consequence because language is also a construct of humans, as well as, time.
      I unashamedly call this ‘unknown’ God. Giving it a name comes not from insecurity but from a humbling acknowledgement. You choose to capitalize Nature as do I. That alone, tells me that you revere it as something greater than yourself…important and immense. The part of us that recognizes that concept is IMO the thread that makes us part of the universe. If we accept we are a part of this intelligently designed unknown, it isn’t a superficial, or foolish, leap to acknowledge a ‘creator’.
      We individuals shouldn’t allow others to define us therefore we define ourselves. Thus the countless ways human beings speak of, label, and imagine, an evident (but deniable) Truth.
      My wish is for everyone to see Nature the way we do. Like I said, Nature answers so many questions… but we must ask them.
      I appreciate this exchange immensely! 😉
      Oops…I reread your comment and found you capitalized nature only because it came first in a sentence. My bad. LOL
      It seems you DO revere it so my point remains the same. Thanks Ron.

      1. Well stated Susan. Well presented. I wholly respect your personal perception, and support your mindful position. What I could never embrace are underlying, preordained, ritualistic religious dogmas or trappings — and you represented none. I enjoyed our exchange here. This type of sincere, open-minded discussion is what I frequently engage in with family and friends. I am forever fascinated by how others think — as long as they are engaged in the act of thinking, and not parroting. Peace to you Susan! ✌🏼

      2. Anytime. I thoroughly enjoy the exchange of ideas. IMO…The dogma of religion, as well as, laws and rules, are intrinsically flawed because of the imperfect beings who create and implement them. 😉

  3. Questions and answers these are profound internal stirrings. I luv your poem


  4. Enjoyed your poem and the exchange with Rob. Methinks nature has more answers than man has thought to ask.

  5. I love your affirmation of nature… and the song I do know so well. As a matter of fact, the singer Björn Skifs was one of my sister’s favorites… so I have probably listened to his songs more than I really want.

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