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Six Sentence Story- Handle This


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There once was a trucker named Lewis who adopted the CB radio handle ‘The Truth’.

He had dropped out of college to pursue the lucrative trucking profession, partly to annoy his bourgeoisie parents, and partly, to avoid the mounting overwhelming debt he perceived on the horizon.

Lewis had embraced the short collegiate tutoring he’d been exposed to, though, and believed that everyone who never attended university, was stupid, so he felt assured to be the ‘best’ because of his superior intellect.

His blue collar instructors found him an infuriating challenge, during training, primarily because of his arrogant attitude and condescension, so his chosen handle was just an extension of Lewis’ know-it-all persona.

Well, Lewis made many costly mistakes and was considered a liability at his first two jobs where he was ‘let go’ swiftly due to his pigheadedness!

Presenting himself as an ‘expert driver’, on his third job application, made the skeptical employer research his references and the responses were identical, “The Truth? You can’t handle The Truth!”.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

30 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Handle This

  1. Good one. A timely tale what with all the self-inflicted issues going on in the UK at the mo regarding truck drivers. Nice use of the prompt for CB usage! We had handheld sets back in the day and it was brilliant fun for us school mates to communicate (days before cell phones eh?). My handle was Shogun Warrior, based on the comic books I was reading at the time 🙂

  2. lol
    (nice work with the set-up while saving the punchline to the very end)

    Like minds this week. I too had an ambition to do a funny Six but did not manage the directness of this, your own Six.
    (For whatever reason, I’ve never been able to tell a joke, at least, in the ‘real’ world and that seems to extend into the ‘virtuous’ world.

    Fun Six!

  3. Maybe eventually Lewis will recognize the kind of skills employers really want and need for their employees to possess and understand that arrogance isn’t one of them. Nicely done SSS.

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