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Six Sentence Story- Antique Moments


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Carol had been on the island for only two hours before strange things started to happen.

It had been a dare by her college friends for her to stay alone on the known-to-be haunted island for twenty-four hours in complete solitude, which was a thoroughly terrifying scenario to most modern teens.

There was a strong, warm, sea breeze and a peaceful dusky sky so she found an outcropping of rocks and perched, facing the ocean, with her own thoughts drifting casually through her mind, like clouds, as she began to feel weightless.

In her mind’s eye, she saw a little girl playing hopscotch -alone -, with pigtails bouncing in rhythm with her untied shoelaces, and upon reaching the end -she spun around-revealing an innocent cherubic face that Carol shockingly recognized as her own!

Instantly, a car pulled to the curb and out stepped her grandmother with outstretched arms offering her unforgettable ‘grandma snuggle’ so Carol raced, and gleefully leapt, but simultaneously, her Grandma turned to smoke leaving her to fall to the sidewalk scraping her knees.

Carol gasped, and snapped awake from stinging knees, at that seaside paradise where she now realized that the only ‘ghosts’ were antique moments- vying to be noticed in a chaotic, noisy, world- stashed away, far too long, inside of those who visited.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

32 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Antique Moments

  1. Easy to lose touch with cherished memories of people and times in our younger lives in the hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps the ease with which we slip into those “moments” is commensurate with how busy our days become.

    1. Thank you Chris! We don’t realize that we’re all ‘haunted’ and really ought not be afraid. “What was” is an undeniable part of “what is”, don’t you think? 😉

      1. That’s a ‘timey-wimey’ thing, isn’t it? Not something my little mind can understand. In any case, I’m not afraid of ghosts, I lived in a house which had a very pleasing one.

  2. “little girl playing hopscotch -alone -, with pigtails bouncing in rhythm with her untied shoelaces,
    damn!* evocative imagery much?

    I’m with the others, that simple (but-why-didn’t-anyone-before-now-come-up-with-it) notion of ghosts as ‘antique moments’

    trés cool

    Excellent Six

    *high compliment, of course

  3. So beautiful~! And so true~! We all have our ‘antique moments’ and need some time alone in this mystic island to remember and appreciate them again in the midst of a chaotic world.♥

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