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Fandango’s Story Starter #8-Nonsense Interruptus

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He could feel the beads of perspiration forming on his forehead as he slowly
opened the door to his boss’ office.
A complaint had been made about his casual friendly conversation with a co-worker because he carelessly mentioned a politically charged topic.
Frank paused trying to imagine ANY topic that had not been soured by political sensitivity.
His demeanor instantly changed.
Up to that moment, he was terrified of losing his livelihood, seniority, and credibility but now?
He was angry!
His boss stood and summoned him to sit but Frank remained standing. He’d been around long enough to know the ‘power head games’ about remaining ‘eye to eye’ rather than accepting a subservient pose.
His boss then nonchalantly sat on the edge of her desk and drew her glasses toward the tip of her nose.
“You wanted to see me, Ms. Taylor?”
“Yes, Frank. HR has contacted me with a complaint from Juan over your expression of opinion about our Southern Border.”
“Really? Ms. Taylor, Juan asked me what I thought and I believed we were friends. I said nothing insulting nor did he express any distress during our conversation. This feels like a bad dream.”
“Frank, you’re an extremely valuable employee but your insensitivity calling the Southern Border, the Mexican Border, can’t go unpunished.”
“It IS the Mexican Border! Ever see a map?! You aren’t making any sense.”
“Well, you might want to apologize to Juan and then we’ll let this all go down as just a little ‘blip’ in your personal file.”
“I’ve got a client waiting in my office, my son’s going through a messy divorce, my father has Alzheimer’s, my dog needs surgery, and I’m NOT sorry! I simply don’t give a little “blip” about all this nonsense! “
Then he leaned in and looked her directly in the eye.
Frank lowered his voice to a most cordial level.
“Thanks for letting me know that Juan is a cutthroat. I’ll be talking to Marcy at HR, about that, right after I do my job. Anything else?”
“Um… no.”
Frank left the office with his chin up, his integrity intact, and a smile on his face.

Soon thereafter, Ms. Taylor transferred to another department claiming ‘workplace hostility’, Marcy apologized saying she was only doing ‘what she’s told’, and the dog came through the operation like a ‘trooper’.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

13 thoughts on “Fandango’s Story Starter #8-Nonsense Interruptus

  1. I agree that our southern border is the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and therefore is the Mexican border. Just as our northern border is the Canadian border. This shouldn’t be a political issue.

  2. Susan,
    Three cheers! Sometimes there are borders, I mean lines that need to be re(drawn) when people lose their common sense for nonsense. :>)

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