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Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 6

[You can find the previous 5 chapters of Perilous Promises in my category labeled “6 Sentence Stories”.]

Mig stiffened at the sound of gunfire but it didn’t have the rat-ta-tat-tat of the cartel automatics, he assumed his friends were safe as it was likely the commonplace neutralizing of a rat, so he continued to explore for food.


Beyond Butch’s splayed dead body, an elderly woman summoned Ernesto and Abria to come quickly and, still in shock, they complied.

The woman moved swiftly in spite of her age as the children struggled to keep up.

A gang of police officers, blowing whistles, ran past an alleyway they had JUST ducked into, when the old woman ushered them through a most cleverly concealed door behind a dumpster.

Once inside, she lit a lantern which revealed a quaint, windowless, one-room living space that included a table, sink, portable stove, and a large over-stuffed feather bed.

The woman calmly produced a rusty revolver from under her apron and stashed it in a metal box, that was laying open on the table, then slid it under her bed, while speaking in their familiar Honduran form of Spanish which differed a bit from the local Mexican dialect, ” My name is Yuni and I’m an old friend of your Aunt Maria… She’s sick with worry over you two !”.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

19 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Perilous Promises 6

  1. I like the hope found with Yuni and her secret hideaway, plus the news Aunt Maria is alive. Can picture those police darting past with their shrieking whistles right up to the last moment!

    1. Thanks Chris! I’m using this format for an outline of a youth novel. Filling in descriptive twists will be great fun. The research is depressing though. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

      1. It’s a great basis for a story, Susan. I can imagine the research would be quite harrowing. Have you read In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende which deals with similar subject matter?

  2. Nice action-suspense-rescue sequence!*

    Excellent wordage: A gang of police officers,

    single word to provide a chapter of cultural background for the setting.

    Good Six

    *Which we all know is not as easy or simple as it looks ‘on paper’.

  3. You show us Yuni’s strength of character which elicits confidence Ernesto and Abria are in safe hands. Hopefully, Mig joins them, though it would appear their journey will continue until they are reunited with their Aunt Maria. Yay!

  4. Yuni is the kind of granny we all need in apocalyptic times. She’s got the guns, the secret room, and a overstuffed featherbed. danger and comfort in one little old lady! โค

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