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Prompt of the Week-Into the woods…

,Write a story with the forest as the setting.

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The dampened pine needles smoldered as the sun rose evaporating the morning dew.
Nine year old, Bella skipped along the time-worn familiar path on her way to the meadow beyond. It was her birthday and the birds were singing their new day greeting while a mossy fresh aroma filled the air.
She stopped abruptly when she spotted something new.
A small hand-crafted door filled the base, of an ancient oak, where a large hole had always been before she’d reached this long-awaited age to walk alone to the meadow.
Silently, she tip-toed toward the ancient oak and stooped to examine what her eyes refused to believe. The door had an iron ring for a handle and heavy iron hinges. She could hear muffled music playing and sprite-like, high-pitched, voices inside.
Suddenly, everything went silent- no birds, no music, and no voices.
Goosebumps raised on every inch of her skin when, out-of-nowhere, she felt a warm exhale on the back of her neck.
Bella turned desperately slowly, numbed by terror. There stood a wolf and he was upright on two feet!
The beast towered over her and snarled with its jaws dripping saliva.
Then she hit the ground with a terrible teeth shaking jolt!

By the time her grandmother called her to breakfast, Bella had decided that her nightmare, and bruising fall from her bed, was an omen to stop pestering everyone to walk alone along the familiar wooded path. She silently, and happily, would wait until she was 10!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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