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Pay Attention but Mind Your Own Business

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My schedule has changed a bit so my weekends are relatively ‘blogging free’. During that time, my inquisitive mind is usually playing with ideas. One thing that has perplexed (even irritated ) me lately, is the amount of outspoken time people seem to use critiquing what everyone else is doing, or the irritating part, voicing what others SHOULD be doing.

In the United States, the comforts and relative safety we enjoy has offered many the luxury to be ‘nosy’. I’ve always said that people who are struggling to feed and protect themselves from imminent danger, on a daily basis, would not be likely to spare the time for “Saving The Whales” or worrying about personal pronouns. So, it takes a bit of affluence to take on societal and philosophical crusades.

If the U.S. hadn’t become a super power and a country with an economic ‘cushion’, its ability to render the assistance needed to stop Hitler would have been zero. So, getting involved can absolutely be a positive, at least as a country. (Even that can be overdone though.)

But back to people, the less they have to do, the more likely they are to stick their noses where they don’t belong. Add to that, a culture that doesn’t value everyone as intellectual equals unless they have credentials or status, and you get groups who actually convince themselves that ‘they alone’ know the ‘good’, ‘virtuous’, and ‘proper’ way for EVERYONE to behave. That, initially well-intended, attitude doesn’t take much of a nudge to become one of totalitarian control. And, unless you live in a cave, you can see the fist of big government tightening around Lady Liberty’s throat.

There’s a great saying; “What others think of me is none of my business.”. I believe that’s a freeing and confident philosophy. It works well except when people start forcing and imposing themselves on others. I never thought in our beautiful, free, society that holding an opinion that is distasteful to a small group of more powerful people, would EVER be grounds for being fired (even arrested). What has happened?!

We’re currently in the clutches of bigoted, intolerant, fascistic, and incompetent ‘elites’. Actual TV faux journalists have called for those who disagree with them to be ‘reeducated’ .
People are scrambling to ‘virtue signal’, some of them think they’ll be spared the weight of the elite mob in doing so, but they’re wrong. (German citizens tried hanging signs on their businesses that said “Aryan Owned” and still had them burned.) This will not end well. The powerful are emboldened to a point where they no longer even try to hide their condescension for their citizens and workers.
Our Constitution, based on individual liberty, is being disregarded and shredded. Our unelected bureaucracies, a handful of companies, intelligence agencies, and Universities are imposing their will on a population that has sadly relinquished their own power to stop them.

The new Nosy Types are the minions of the runaway controlling ‘elites’, and some don’t even know it. It’s YOU I’m addressing in this post. It’s not your business to scorn, shame, and cancel anyone and when you do, you’re working for bringing our Free Country down.
If you’re doing it intentionally, HOW DARE YOU!
If you’re doing it to ‘help’, please stop it. You’re not our parents.
If you’re minding your own business just trying to ‘live and let live’, HIGH FIVE … let’s join hands and give those ‘elites’ the ‘boot’. 😉


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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