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Six Sentence Story- Alternating Current Management

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The Hard Wired Company was once a local wire manufacturing factory founded by the ‘driven’ ,innovative, and bold, family by the same name that miraculously rose to an international billion dollar enterprise after only two generations.

When the last of the Hard lineage reached retirement age, a new go-getting CEO was hired named Wally D. Sparks, who had come to that position through his own ‘bootstraps’ attitude from laborer to the top.

Wally came in, with a lightening bolt of an idea that he was sure would ‘light up’ the place, which was, that a crew was only as good as its morale so it was decided a distraction from the mundane spooling details would boost productivity and keep the veteran, most knowledgeable, operators from ‘burning out’ and leaving.

He immediately brought in a stadium sized screen, for the expansive factory floor, and positioned it where all the spoolers could watch movies as they worked-the first weekly movie was “Captain Ron”, with “Three Amigos” planned for the next.

By week three, the wire produced was so faulty-causing fires and recalls- that Wally was dismissed and the company lost all of its customers, so the board of directors sent an abrupt last memo to the workforce.

Due to watts happened because of the direct current viewings of movies plugging Martin Short’s comedy, Sparks must fly and there are no more grounds for sales, therefore, we’re Hard Wired no more and UL be discharged immediately.

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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    1. lol My coment would have been funnier if I hadn’t been so lycdesic on the keyboard and typed …“to find there is punning going on here”

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