One-liner Wednesday- 7/21/21

“The fact is, you can’t tell squat about the color of an animal just from looking at its bones, so nobody knows for sure what color dinosaurs really were.” ~ Heidi in So B. It by Sarah Weeks

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4 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday- 7/21/21

  1. Mason Bushell 07/21/2021 / 9:22 am

    Quite right. Paleontologists have only just discovered fossils that show skin texture and the existence of features on some dinosaurs. The colors are pure guesses based on modern-day reptiles.

    • Susan St.Pierre 07/21/2021 / 9:26 am

      This philosophy also applies on a deeper level in a world where nearly everyone claims to “KNOW” everything. Don’t you think? What people know are often just guesses. 😉

      • Mason Bushell 07/21/2021 / 9:39 am

        Of for sure. Even most of history is based on guesswork from whats been found. What we learn in school is what the governement wants us to learn and in most cases a lot of untruths. So, in reality we know nothing for sure.

  2. Shweta Suresh 07/21/2021 / 10:23 am

    So true. There’s no way we can know what color they were!

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