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Mixed Messages and Outrage

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The din of cable TV news is playing in the background. Covid-19 is almost universally the topic. What chosen scientists say… what the CDC says… what the government says… what the Chinese report… what doctors on the ‘front lines’ have learned… what elite, self important, people advise… yadda, yadda, yadda.
Do any of them agree on anything? Not from what I hear.
Do any of them have the same understanding? No two reports are similar.
Do all or any of them have public health and safety their common PRIMARY concern? I can’t even tell.
In between, what are called ‘news reports’, there are TV ‘talking heads’ who propose that THEY have the ‘facts’ and know what everyone should do, and precisely who is to blame, for a public non-unified acceptance of (constantly changing) guidelines. These people aren’t helping a thing with their indignant (IMO pretend) outrage.
We aren’t allowed to question or seek diverse expert level opinions?
Big Tech fact checkers (Likely groups with no medical training and under 35 years old.) want us to believe them implicitly?
Political sheep expect us to cower and bend to their opinions on the ‘opinions’ they LIKE just because they claim an imaginary moral high ground? (Um… go jump in a lake you guys.)
This is madness.
All I can say is do your best to protect your families, keep your ears and eyes open for ‘truth’, and ultimately, trust your instincts.
Unified transparent leadership, willing to say that they’re ‘not sure’, isn’t available so we’re on our own folks.
God Bless.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

22 thoughts on “Mixed Messages and Outrage

  1. Very well written Susan. I’m tired of the countdowns/numbers of people getting Covid including those vaccinated, Opening up and then oopsy too early to reopen. I’m staying safe, protecting myself and others. What else can I do but watch. Stay SAFE Susan!πŸ’œ

  2. You nailed the big problem. Every last thing we’ve been told is contradicted in the very next report. The whole thing plays out like a massive TV series based around a scam.
    I mean if the virus was as real and dangerous as they make out. We should all be dead by now.
    If lockdowns are worth doing the virus would be gone.
    If masks were worth wearing, none of the doctors and nurses would ever get sick.
    It’s all rubbish and soon we’ll get back to living normally and ignoring everything the governments have to say the sooner they have to admit it and make it disappear.

      1. We sure have. If they’d have been completely open and honest from the beginning the whole situation would have been an awful lot different, I’m sure.
        People like my cousin wouldn’t have committed suicide when the government stole his pub away from him, for example.

      2. Oh my! I’m so sorry, Mason. The lockdowns were the real plague. History will not be recording the government responses in a good way!

      3. Thank you.

        Governments had to work with no precedent or plans to deal with such a thing. That said everything was too slow. And a lot could have been handled in a much better way I think.

      4. That’s the worst of it they gave themselves license to change any laws they want and make new ones. The vaccines would be illegal under the original laws. Cell mutation would never have been allowed and vaccines made at speed are dangerous too.

      5. Especially once we realized even elderly people had a 95% chance of living through the pandemic. A rushed vaccine might have been abandoned and the focus on early treatment would have gotten the proper attention? Wait… some people wouldn’t have made a vaccine fortune AND governments couldn’t have kept us compliant and afraid. That would have ruined their everything! πŸ˜‰
        No crisis (real or imagined) ever goes to waste for the power hungry.

      6. Agreed there was a lot of money making at the heart of the pandemic for sure. Made me made that they destroyed the kids education and they never even get sick.

      1. The media uses that exact strategy. They don’t want most people to be aware of it. Makes sense they’d never talk about it.
        You’re wise not to trust them. [High Five]

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