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Six Sentence Story- Nosy Neighbor


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Mildred was about to turn eighty, was recently widowed, and had started a rather lengthy ‘bucket list’ with number eleven written in bold letters: 11. “Tell Lydia exactly what I think of her!”.

Lydia had been Mildred’s widowed neighbor for twenty-five years and a major ‘pain in the ass’ as she was always complaining about how Mildred, and her husband, should live but Mildred’s husband had a philosophy of not ‘making waves’ so Mildred had refrained from any confrontation.

Two of Lydia’s many complaints were requests that they’d barbeque on the other side of their house because of the smell and smoke damage to her drapes AND that they should mow their adjoining lawns on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as she did, to keep the neighborhood looking neat!

Even as Mildred reminded herself of Lydia’s persistent nosiness her fists clenched… “Of all the nerve!”.

As luck, or divine intervention, would have it on the very morning when Mildred had decided to confront Lydia and clear the air ‘once and for all’, she happened upon a newspaper article about teaching ‘difficult kids’ that caused a dramatic shift in her attitude.

It stated, ” The kids who need the most love and understanding often ask for it in the most unlovable ways.”, and Mildred supposed that adults were no different, so, she decided to invite Lydia over for a cocktail -low and behold- instead of serving a long planned ‘tongue lashing’, Mildred made a new friend.

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

27 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Nosy Neighbor

  1. Sometimes it only takes a slight shift in perspective to consider alternative actions or, in Mildred’s case, a well timed newspaper article!
    Uplifting Six, Susan 🙂

  2. As a teacher, I can confirm that quote is definitely spot on, and how nice that Mildred remembered it and took it to heart!

  3. Enjoyed the Six.
    (Not that I look for things beyond a simple story… as if lol), but the notion of perspective seems in evidence among the Babble of Sixes*

    To make the choice to consider an alternate reality (because, what else is considering another perspective on a situation) can yield such a surprising range of outcomes.
    Thought-provoking Six.

    *not an official, legitimate or, even, ‘real’ term for a multiple of six sentence stories… and, the use of babble is not the more pejorative, modern definition, rather more akin to the source story.

      1. I think it does. And if it doesn’t work 100% as we’d expect with gaining a new friend, it makes us feel good. (And it confuses the heck out of the other person!)

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