Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- Nasty Ned

Today’s prompt— Write a poem using “bury hatchets under buried bodies”

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There’s nothin’ good that could be said
’bout the man called Nasty Ned.
Today he passed to the town’s relief,
Without a smidgen bit of grief.
He’d settle scores for evil men,
And kilt for pleasure, now and then.
He lived with ‘hate’, and learnt it well,
Heard Satan’s closed Ned’s path to Hell.

It ain’t no surprise a killer was he,
He growed a beard by age of three.
His outlaw clan was called the Shoddies,
Who’d bury hatchets under buried bodies.
He kilt his nanny and neighbors too,
And now he’s dead at thirty-two.

We’re thrilled he never fathered a son,
Come celebrate with us at one!

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge June 28, 2021 | Go Dog Go Café (godoggocafe.com)

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