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Three Lines Tales- Ruined

Welcome to Week 282 of Three Line Tales.

Photo by Mehrab Zahedbeigi via Unsplash

She was a woman who had graduated at the top of her class and had a flawless training experience, as well as, thousands of hours as a pilot.

NASA, in recent months, had become ‘woke’.

Except for her gender, she had too few intersectional qualifications therefore her dreams, and the level of excellence at NASA, were ruined.

Three Line Tales | Only 100 Words

Three Line Tales 282 | Only 100 Words


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

3 thoughts on “Three Lines Tales- Ruined

  1. Susan,
    Ouch! I hope someone at NASA felt the sting of that. It’s a dismal time for institutions that used to be America’s crown and glory.. I’m trying to avoid the news and maybe a break from the internet for a while. Gettin’ crazy out there.

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